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Crowd Marketing: Your Best Viral Tactic

Nearly everyone in the online marketing business is obsessed with viral marketing these days. And with good cause – it can bring an incredible number of views, likes, fans – and sales – to your business through social media. But how can you help make it happen?

Using crowd marketing techniques is when you take the idea of finding “celebrities” within your industry, and having them help you get your message out. As an example, check out this article on Huffington Post. The part about “Identifying Subject Matter Experts” explains a bit about viral influencers, which is a key component of crowd marketing.

Define viral marketing and crowd marketing

Viral marketing is when your content reaches a much wider audience than you originally had as it spreads through social media. Crowd marketing is different as it seeks to connect with other people who already have an audience to speak to. When done well, these audiences will be within a chosen target market.

Crowd marketing is all about helping a business get around the problem of not having a big enough crowd to speak to in order to go viral. A bigger audience means more chances to find the people who will share your content and get it moving.

go viral

The idea behind crowd marketing is to try and achieve a higher ROI by getting around the way that this is usually done – celebrity endorsement. By targeting those viral influencers that are already speaking to the people you want, you’ll be able to get around paying for a bunch of people who are not interested in your brand message.

What are other crowd marketing uses?

You can think of crowd marketing as a social equivalent to Google’s Pagerank. Just as websites increase their influence as they connect with more popular websites, your brand and its social media accounts increase in trustworthiness when these viral influencers mention you.

You can crowd marketing effectively viral tactics on:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • Twitter

When done correctly, you will start to see your website views, shares, likes, retweets, engagement, video views, and other social signals increase naturally as these viral influencers mention your company, social media accounts, and content.

How to utilize crowd marketing

When it comes to a crowd marketing campaign you will need to examine whether or not you have the skill set or time to find your viral influencers. You will need to find them, build a relationship with them, and persuade them to work with you.

Think about it in terms of a celebrity endorsement – you wouldn’t show up at the football field and start pestering the quarterback during warmups to come work with you. You have to follow the proper channels.

If you’re willing to put in the time, crowd marketing is a viral tactic that could have huge benefits for your social media accounts, general marketing goals, and product advertising. Skip over the over-payment of celebrity endorsement, and try crowd marketing instead.

Written By

Matthew is the writer for the Devumi Blog, the topics up for discussion on this blog are marketing on Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and recent Google developments.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Marcia Sekhose

    May 20, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    Crowd marketing could be a good way for marketing for people having the wrong set of audience to promote their products to. It seems to be a work requiring a lot of patience and time. But I bet the results will be effective. Thanks for this idea and keep updating with more ideas.

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