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Creative Christmas Gifts for Every Person You Love

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to understand why. If you sign-up for a subscription box, you usually know what the theme of the box is, but never its contents until you open it up. There’s a certain novelty to it as if you’re receiving gifts every month. This leads to a creative Christmas gift idea, which is to curate “gift boxes” for your loved ones. Here are a few examples:

Christmas gifts for Mom

Your mom does a lot for you and the family that she sometimes forgets to take care of herself. For the most special woman in your life, get her something that will truly pamper her. You can curate a “home spa box” that has her favourite bath products like a jar of bath salts, a bottle of bubble bath, a bar of soap, and a body scrub. You can also include a soft towel and robe set, a scented candle, sheet masks, and a bottle of perfume.

Christmas gifts for Dad

When you think of your dad, what comes to mind? Is he a funny man who likes to tell jokes? If so, put a witty spin to your gift. For example, you can get him a “coffee box” where you put together a bag or two of his favourite coffee blend, a personalized mug with a funny message on it (like, “My dad is great, but his jokes aren’t!”), and a small bottle of whiskey for the times he wishes to make his coffee Irish.

Christmas gifts for siblings

A great Christmas gift idea for siblings, especially if they’re young ones, is an “ice cream maker box” that has ingredients to make their favourite sundaes. The contents of the box can include ice cream cones, colourful paper cups and plastic spoons, a jar of their favourite sweet fruit jam, sprinkles, marshmallows, and chocolate syrup. Of course, you need to leave out the ice cream, else it would melt. Save it for the next time you visit or keep a tub ready in the fridge for when they open their presents.

Christmas gifts for a special someone

For a special someone, you can curate a “date night box” for the two of you to share. What do you usually do when you stay in? Do you like watching movies? If so, put together a box of snacks like popcorn, chocolate bars, and liquorice, a jar filled with folded-up pieces of paper that have titles of romantic movies on them, and a matching pair of socks to help both of you get cosy.

Christmas gifts for friends

For your friends, curate a “cocktail box” where you put together the ingredients of their favourite drinks. A “margarita box” will have a bottle each of tequila and Cointreau, limes (or a box of lime juice), and salt. Meanwhile, a “bloody Mary box” will have a bottle each of whiskey, bitters and sweet vermouth, a jar of maraschino cherries, and oranges (for the peel).

These themed boxes will make your Christmas gifts more creative and fun for your loved ones. Hopefully, this list has given you ideas on how to make your gifts more special.

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