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Why has it become so Important for Businesses to have a Digital Presence?

Having an online presence such as ecommerce website enables them to sell their products and services online to customers all over the globe.

We are living in the digital age. Most customers use their phones, tablets, laptops or other devices for conducting research before they make a purchase. According to statistics, nearly 81% shoppers will not make their buying decision until they have done a thorough research online. This is quite an impressive figure and it is also important to note that the number of online shoppers has risen considerably whereas in-store purchases have declined. This has made it essential for businesses, regardless of their size and industry, to have a digital presence. Having an online presence such as e-commerce website enables them to sell their products and services online to customers all over the globe.

Having a digital presence means that potential and existing customers are able to do business with you online by purchasing your offerings and also be able to reach you when they need. However, if you don’t have an online presence, there is a good chance they will go to a rival who does and you will lose a valuable client in the long run. A business should also remember that they need to have a good website. Previously, developing a website was not an easy task and was only the job of the experts.

Nowadays, you can find software for making a website that offers you a website template and you have to follow a few steps to make your own website. For instance, there is that helps hotels to have a digital presence. Similarly, there are more services helping all industries. While this is a cost-saving option, a business needs to have a well-designed website that’s different from their competitors and others in the market. It is the first thing visitors see and you to ensure it is pleasing to the eye and also provides excellent user experience to get them to stay, browse and eventually make a purchase. If the template you have chosen is common or too complicated, it is more likely they will just leave. In addition, you should also optimize your website for mobile to ensure it can be accessed on any device.

Other than having a website, there are a number of other practices that can assist you in building a digital presence. You need to get your business listed on Google Maps and popular listing websites. Social media is another aspect that needs to be focused on. Email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing and Google ads are just some of the ways you can establish a strong presence online for attracting the audience.

The beauty of digital presence for a business is that it gives you visibility in the market. It enables businesses to expand their market share and get ahead of the competition without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. A business is able to create brand recognition and develop and maintain good relationships with its clients in the long term as it is able to offer a better service. A digital presence is also an indication of confidence and reliability and people find it easier to trust a business that has an online presence as opposed to one that doesn’t.

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