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Creating Different Types of Content for Your Business

A lot of businesses know that content is one of the best ways to drive sales. It is what gets shared to lots of people, reaching out to a potential pool of customers ready to check out your online store. It is what keeps them interested in what you are offering and encourages them to continue being patrons of your store.

However, not all businesses are aware of the many kinds of content that can be created to pique interest and the many factors involved in content marketing like diversifying content and audience reach. Here we will explore the different types of content you can publish on your website and how you can use each one to reach out to the right people.

Different Types of Content

Blog articles

Blog posts may well be the bread and butter of your content marketing efforts. These are what feeds Google and helps increase your rankings on their search engine. Not to mention, blog articles are what users share for the majority of the time. You can use your blog to enforce your expertise in the industry by writing about trends, How-Tos, ultimate guides, best practices, and other industry know-how.

There are two types of content to write: short-form and long-form. Short form articles are mostly about 500-700 words minimum and this may be easier to do so you can start writing it. Long-form content is around 1500-3000 words minimum and may require extensive research.

The blog is meant to start and strengthen your relationship with your customers, so make sure you publish consistently. Create an editorial calendar so that you can plot your publishing dates and see if you have enough time writing them.

Case studies

Case studies can be considered a long-form content because these are usually around 3000 words. Think of this as a type of research paper to determine whether your hypothesis is correct or not. It requires, not just research, but testing on your part as well.

Start with a question that keeps coming up in your industry and then posit an intelligent guess. After, you must test your hypothesis and be as detailed as possible with recording the results. Then write a whole case study based on it and then publish it as a case study.

Case studies will show your customers that you are continuously looking for ways to improve industry standards, which will show you are innovative.


A step higher than case studies, ebooks can be a compilation of your ultimate guides and case studies. You do not have to write new content for most of it, but make sure you offer fresh write-ups in the book that have never been seen before.

Offer the ebook as a downloadable content and a freebie for new customers. Market it as a handbook they can always refer to when they need help.


The best part about infographics is these make content easy to digest. Remember that infographics are meant to be understood at a glance, so do not over complicate the design. Keep it simple and clean so that it does not get too overwhelming.

Treat this as some sort of brochure which you give around to inform people, the difference is infographics are shareable and are meant to entice people to check out your website.


Videos populate everyone’s timelines these days, and for good reason. Other than infographics, this is another form of bite-sized content. This is more engaging than text and should remain interesting all throughout the video. You can create tutorials, documentary-style content, or even commercial-type videos to share on your page.


Remember that you should be able to diversify your content, so do not stick to just one or two types. Try these all out and see the different demographics you attract and how it affects your business. Get ready for an influx of visitors though, so you want to make sure your website performs well and can accommodate the traffic by checking your domain tools and see how you can improve its speed.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steve

    October 24, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    A very useful article. People tend to forget that there is more to creating content that just blog posts. I think it’s important to remember that when we make different content, we should do so with a specific purpose in mind. Articles are great if we need more content on our site, infographics work amazing when it comes to getting links to our website and case studies are a good way to show our company is trustworthy.

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