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Creating a Holistic Online Learning Environment for Children: A Guide

Learn how you can create a holistic learning environment to cultivate your child’s love for learning with tips from the best online tutoring website.

When it comes to furthering your child’s education and upbringing, you don’t just want to focus on subjects like maths, science, and English; instead, you want to improve your child as a whole, going beyond the realms of academia and traditional schooling.

This is where holistic educational models come into play. The idea focuses on the whole person rather than just sticking to everything that’s on the school curriculum. With parents now wanting their kids to have the best of everything, old-school methods are no longer making the cut.

Parents and schools want curriculums that support development and education beyond books and academics at the core. With holistic learning concepts coming to the forefront, new windows of opportunities, possibilities, and policies will open for your child and their future.

If you’re not sure you understand the concept of holistic educational models and how you can carry it into your home, we’ll break everything down for you in this blog, so your child can benefit from all the rewards it brings.

Basic of holistic educational methods

As mentioned earlier, the holistic education model supports the idea of educating the whole person rather than focusing on academic success and the need to secure a viable career.

It’s a more modern and comprehensive approach towards teaching where educators fulfill their students’ social, emotional, ethical, and academic requirements without overlooking one or more aspects.

It emphasizes the idea of positive schooling and the need for nurturing environments to help students grow into better humans, academic and non-academic-wise. Parents and schools need to consider the students’ human needs before imposing educational benchmarks and responsibilities on them.

However, teachers and parents can often forget that bringing up and educating a well-adjusted child is a lot more important than academic success, failing to focus on the former.

In a holistic learning environment, students are taught and encouraged to reflect on their actions, be a productive part of the community, apply their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to resolve real-world problems.


Types of holistic educational methods

With holistic education becoming a go-to for parents, teachers, and students now, there are a few educational models you should know about.

Experiential Learning

The experiential learning model is all about providing students and children with a more hands-on educational experience that allows them to explore a variety of different learning styles before landing on one that works for them.

This model primarily focuses on developing and boosting problem-solving skills through exercises that address real-world issues and create innovative results.

Self-Guided Learning

As the name suggests, self-guided or directed educational environments focus on letting students learn and work things out at their own pace. It’s not about everyone in the class following the same routine, struggling to keep up with one another.

Curriculums are personalized and adjusted to meet each child’s unique requirements, ensuring they can keep up and do their best in class. It combats the one-size-fits-all learning methods that we see in traditional schools and encourages smaller classrooms to boost students’ confidence and abilities.

Benefits of adopting these methods

If you’re still not caught up with how a holistic online learning environment can help your child, here are some of its many benefits.

Improved academic performance and achievements
Regardless of background and circumstances, holistic educational environments tend to improve academic performance for all students. The supportive learning method nurtures a child’s abilities, allowing them to feel emotionally and physically safe and connected to others in their class and life.

Improved mental and emotional well-being

A mentally and emotionally supportive environment will only produce students with a better sense of self and confidence.

Enhanced problem-solving

Students and children who indulge in solving problems emerge with more substantial and better critical-thinking skills. The educational model helps them gather, report, analyze data and work with others to develop innovative strategies and solutions.

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