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How to Create Apps that are Unique and Addictive to Use

What is so common between 7 Minute Workout, Avast Antivirus, Google Chrome, Google Play Music, Hulu, Camera360, VLC Player, Here Maps, Google Drive, etc.?

They are considered to be among the best Android apps to be present on Google Play Store.

These are just a few names. If you sit back and prepare a checklist, the number will probably run in to thousands. However, do not feel deceptive by this. Thinking that since there are so many of them, your app will also have a smooth sail, is a big mistake. The apps that we mentioned are addictive because of certain factors, which if not excelled, will not let your app reap expected results.

These apps are not just compelling because of simplistic usability, but they also enable to attract even more users through word of mouth due to the kind of features they provide. Most developers consider the whole luck thing working in this case. However, the truth is completely different. They hide their inabilities in creating a perfect app, by giving such lame excuses. The factors we will be discussing directly relates to Android apps development. If followed dedicatedly then results could be fruitful.

Let us check out how these 5 key strategies will get your app rolling on App Stores:

1. The app should be highly simple to use

Keep your app as easy to operate as possible.

When users visit your app they should have clarity regarding where they have arrived, what they are seeing, and how to go about using the app.

Imagine a user opening your app but being stuck within your app. If he/she needs to ask another person for using the app, or he/she calls up your customer support for using the app, then your app is surely lacking a lot. Try to make it so simple that even a non-professional with no technical background will be able to use your app with comfort.

The best way to do this is limit the number of menus, tabs, buttons, labels, multimedia components, other layout elements, screens, and content, to what is relevant and needed. Users should not feel overwhelmed in using the app. In addition, ensure that your app has multi-tasking capability, so that can be used by only one hand while other hand used for other tasks.

2. Retain user interest to best possible extent

If your app not upgraded, or updated on a regular basis, users are sure to lose interest once they find that the app is not progressing with advancing world.

Apps still running with same old outdated functionalities will not be able to grab user eyeballs for a prolonged period.

Constant changes to the app might be a frustrating task for developers, however, it does come with advantages. If regular innovations not seen in your app, then even your most loyal users will find your competitor’s app more interesting, fresh, and modern. This does not mean that you need to overwhelm users with too many updates or upgrades.

Just bring out changes only if necessary to enhance user experience and user interface. It is always wise to bring out small but noticeable modifications in phases rather than bringing it together at once. If users are able to grasp these small changes aimed at improving overall interface and experience, then you have done your job.

3. Reward users for implementing actions

You need to award users each time for performing certain actions.
Give them coins, points, or monetary rewards straight into their account for repeatedly performing specific actions.

This will encourage them to go for even more every time when they use the app. Whether, they win or lose in doing something, if they have tried then just acknowledge them. This way they will always remain connected with the app, repeat the sequence of events, as many times as possible, and most importantly stay loyal to your app.

4. Bring a competitive spirit within your app

A positive competition will always escalate as well as encourage people to strive for more. Games app arena is an awesome genre example to support this point. Some classic examples include Candy Crush Saga, Farmville, Criminal Case, and others. With an excitement of beating your friends or close ones, there arise a sense of accomplishment, and it happens constantly.

5. Create a sense of first movers advantage

When you bring out offers that can only be availed on a first come first basis, people will rush towards your app without even thinking twice.

This is especially true with existing users who already are big advocates of your app and recommending the same to others.

They will be among the first to lead the race. When you do this on a repetitive basis, with every time bringing something new to the table, even people who have just installed your app but not used so much will be interested to see what’s new in store for them. This strategy will definitely take your app ahead rapidly.

A major benefit you get as an app owner is user reengagement with the app and their desperation to visit the app again. Every time when they visit the app they should either be intrigued on exploring new features or go for in-app purchases to unlock new features. You can bring about tons of new features within the app, given that it works in tandem with the app purpose.

Winding up with last thoughts…

With the app store booming with new and new apps on a daily basis, it is not surprising to see a tremendous competition in almost every single space. This leads to a cutthroat competition between developers to bring about as many new developments possible in their best interest to make their respective app different from the conventional ones.

Using all the above strategies, you as an app owner can win a million hearts. You can not only retain your present users but also target a massive hoard of new users looking for similar apps. If still have confusion on what we are talking about, just check out the top apps we have already mentioned above.

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Henry Atwell is From New Jersey, USA, and has a deep rooted passion for technology. He is an Android app developer since more than three years and associated with Fusion Informatics – A Custom Android Application Development Company. He is an avid writer and often contributes to various blogs and websites.

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