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Cool Impacts of Emerging Tech in Language Learning

Learning a new language can be very challenging, and you need to be determined and passionate for you to be good in speaking and conversing with people who use it on a daily basis.

Learning a new language can be very challenging especially when you need to learn it in a short period of time. Sure, there are tutorial centers offering courses that will enable people to learn how to speak and write in basic foreign languages, but these courses can be pretty expensive and demanding for people who also have jobs to attend to.

But thanks to technology, nothing seems to be too impossible these days. A lot of platforms are now made available for anyone to learn a new language—whether through videos, one-on-one tutorials, or module-based online courses. Given these conveniences, there’s no excuse to delay learning a new language, and jump from beginner level to intermediate and advanced levels.

Here are some of the emerging technologies to boost your language learning capabilities:

Online tutorial services

One rising trend in the field of language learning is online tutorial services, wherein service providers match teachers to students based on the latter’s needs. Websites like makes it possible for people to learn new languages without them leaving the comforts of their homes. Preply offers tutorial services that make it easier for people to learn new languages, just by searching their preferred language and their location.

Online tutorials are extremely helpful for those who travel a lot. This new industry opens doors for learning a new language even if your job requires a lot of traveling. All you need to do is to book the specific time you plan on starting the session. In addition, the actual sessions will be interactive because one-on-one tutorials make it possible for the student to ask the teacher if something in the lesson sounds confusing.

Talking books

Training kids to talk in their native language is already tough in itself, but can you imagine how they can learn a second language. For this purpose, talking books (or audiobooks) allow children to learn new languages in a more fun environment. This kind of technology can help not only second-language learners, but also students with learning disabilities.

Automatic translation technology

Understanding a new language may be made easier with the help of online translation services. For example, Android users have Google Assistant to give them the ability to translate over 40 languages. It would be easier for people to use information apps like Google Assistant in learning a new language because word translation can be done in an instant.

Earpiece translation technology has also been introduced to ease the capacity of people to learn other languages with minimal effort. This is also helpful to individuals who are caught in conversations wherein people speak a different language and they need to follow the subject right away. This is advisable for people in industries that require communication with foreign people, and where urgent decisions have to be made.

Google Assistant and the earpiece translation technology are also good for foreign students as it saves them the hassle of searching the meanings of words they hear from their classmates or teachers. As both are fairly easy to use, learning a foreign language can be done anytime and anywhere.

When considering to learn a new language online, make sure that you weigh the pros and cons before enrolling. That way, it would be easier for you to manage your expectations. It’s also a good idea to ask if the service provider can give a free trial before signing up, so that you can get a feel of how they go about the course.

Learning a new language can be very challenging, and you need to be determined and passionate for you to be good in speaking and conversing with people who use it on a daily basis.

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My name is Tim Baker and I am a blogger and contributor to various tech and lifestyle blogs. A proud father of 2, I am a technology enthusiast and a keen follower of many tech blogs.

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