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Conquering Mood Swings and Improving Health

For people who suffer from severe mood swings, pharmaceutical drugs have long been the primary recommended solution. However, besides the fact that medication is expensive, it can also affect patients’ overall health and have a social stigma that leads many of them to discontinue the treatment.

Fortunately, there are plenty of safe, effective, and affordable treatment alternatives for this mental condition, one of which is chiropractic care. By focusing on treating the underlying causes of this condition and allowing the body to naturally heal itself, chiropractors are able to help reduce the severity and occurrence of severe mood swings, all without the need for prescription drugs.

The Nervous System’s Effect on Mood

The nervous system is truly fascinating: Every motion we make is subconsciously performed without the need for a second thought from the individual. But did you know it also has an impact on our mood? When it is working at its optimal level, the body is better able to achieve homeostasis, a state of equilibrium ensuring the correction of health issues and imbalances in the body’s chemistry. But when the nervous system is hindered, the body is much more prone to injury, pain, illness, and even mental disorders.

There are many factors that can obstruct the nervous system’s ability to function, including stress, sleep deprivation, vitamin deficiencies, illness, injury, and subluxations in the spinal system. When affected by these factors, the flow of nerve signals throughout the body and to the brain is interrupted. Usually, this is felt as chronic pain or a decrease in immune system function, but it can also lead people to have violent mood swings. Such behavior is the result of chemical imbalances in the brain which, left uncorrected by a dysfunctional nervous system, can increase the likelihood of mood-based disorders of increased severity, such as depression and bipolar disorder.

A Safe and Effective Alternative to Pharmaceuticals

Rather than relying on pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate symptoms, people are beginning to seek alternative forms of treatment to maintain homeostasis, most notably chiropractic treatment paired with psychiatric care. Combined, these treatments help the body to naturally heal itself without the need for foreign substances or invasive surgery. This natural approach to correcting chemical imbalances helps individuals treat the underlying causes of their mood swings, in turn reducing the incidence and severity.

Correcting Subluxations to Control Mood Swings

In order to correct imbalances caused by subluxations in the spine, chiropractors perform targeted adjustments to the affected regions of the back. This treatment is designed to relieve the stress placed on the spinal discs and improve the function of the patient’s nervous system, in turn allowing it to function at its optimal level. Although the treatment itself will be similar for all patients, the number and location of the adjustments performed depend on the patient’s unique medical condition and the severity of his or her condition.

Without restrictions placed on the nervous system by subluxations, it is able to more efficiently regulate the body’s chemistry and decrease or even eliminate the occurrence of mood swings caused by chemistry imbalances. Although chiropractic care is an effective approach to reduce mood swings, it is recommended to be paired with psychiatric care in order to achieve a complete and effective treatment.

Treating chronic pain and injury is only a small fraction of the benefits that chiropractic care provides. Correcting subluxations in the spine and allowing for the free and uninterrupted flow of nerve signals throughout the body, patients can have reduced mood swings, improved overall happiness enhanced energy, and even kick-start their cognitive function to help them think more clearly. Together, these benefits help patients live a pain-free and happy life – the goal of every therapist passionate about his job.

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Bethany Wood is a lifestyle blogger covering a diversity of news including fitness, wellness, sleep education, and travel. She has been a regular contributor to Today's Parenting Community,, and Your Story.

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