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Connected Everywhere: Companies Focusing on Hotspots and Hotspot Adaptation

Possessing a device that is capable of connecting to the Internet in a variety of ways is only useful when you have something that makes the connection possible. Because of the electronics age’s current dependence on Internet-based information, it becomes increasingly necessary to stay connected at all times. Many people find themselves lulled towards being connected 24/7 to the internet, and this goes double for businessmen who have to stay on their toes. Being on top of the latest information is key. These businessmen perhaps have Apps on their smartphones and devices that inform them of the changes in the stock market. They might also be keeping up with what is going on in their company floor, or the latest company production reports, through a VoIP app in their smartphones, such as the RingCentral app.


Speaking of this phone service provider, a RingCentral update in their blog site talked about using the Verizon Mobile Hotspot and why some people can be so dependent on it. Having a hotspot around—essentially a small modem that gives you WiFi anywhere, subscribed to a service provider that provides data plans with a specific pricing – has its merits. This is but one of the many gadgets springing up these days that allow users to make use of WiFi connectivity even in areas that don’t have free WiFi signal.

The use of hotspots

Signals aren’t always available, and even in WiFi-ready places such as hotels and convention centers, malls, and other similar areas, they may not be able to handle the load of a lot of users making use of the signal simultaneously. The result is that using such networks it just makes work slower, and that can be detrimental to businessmen who need to use the Internet to stay connected to their businesses. Toting around one’s own hotspot is extremely useful then—having fast, readily accessible, PORTABLE Internet connection.


Apart from being able to use fast and efficient Internet access from anywhere, another reason that companies are putting the focus on portable hotspot gadgetry is the security it can give a user. Most free WiFi access signals in public places do not provide enough user protection or privacy. In fact, there had been more than one program circling the internet that enables hackers to access virtually any user account that anyone has accessed through certain WiFi signals. This basically compromises virtually every single account that has gone through the use of that free WiFi signal. Sensitive information, user accounts, profiles, and other online data can be subject to the hacker’s perusal. This has caused quite a stir over the years, prompting the use of more sophisticated privacy protocols as well as pushing users to defend themselves.

Having one’s own WiFi hotspot can greatly reduce the possibility of having data compromised. One’s own hotspot can be password protected and be given more advanced protection, allowing only one user to access it and preventing others from making use of it.

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Leiden Johnson is a photographer by trade but loves all those geeky, tech stuff and the outdoors. If she's not working or going out, you can see her in front of her computer either writing about anything or playing MMORPG’s which helps her to be more creative in her photoshoots. Follow her on Twitter.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fran

    April 8, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    I never use a hotspot or free wifi to log into bank or stock accounts. I agree having your own is better way to go. I us hardline and one computer at home to check stocks and bank info instead of wireless even at home.

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