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Comparing Facebook and Instagram as Advertising Platforms

Facebook takes the lead when it comes to the number and variety of users available. While Instagram has about 800 million users monthly, Facebook boasts of over two billion users, making it one of the most useful advertising platforms. However, as much as Facebook may provide the numbers that a business may need, it is not exactly wise to kick Instagram out of the equation. Remember, advertising is more about quality rather than quantity. That is why you will find a Facebook ad company also offering Instagram advertising services. Both platforms are useful in driving online sales.

Why use Instagram?

Instagram is a good avenue if your target audience is under age 30. It is a place where people want to observe, discover, and learn new trends. Millennials flock their Instagram pages to follow up on celebrities, fashion, and the like. The channel is, therefore, suitable for businesses in industries such as automobile, photography, architecture, restaurants, health and fitness, and interior design. Instagram offers free exposure and a place where people look for product recommendations, which people mostly ignore on Facebook.

As much as Instagram is low on the numbers, it has a higher rate of engagement than Facebook. Not surprising considering that most content on the platform is visual. Secondly, the lower algorithm on Instagram makes it possible for posts to reach almost all the followers, which is not the case with Facebook.

The competition is also much lower on Instagram because most businesses are fighting to get a piece of the Facebook audience cake. Facebook has over three times the number of marketers compared to Instagram. Organic advertising has also increased on Instagram compared to Facebook.

Why use Facebook?

Did you know that most people do not even pay attention to the brands they have liked on Facebook? Facebook is originally supposed to be about personal connections and sharing content with people who you know or are close to. It is highly likely that most Facebook users will ignore brands and ads. The platform, however, has the advantage of being more accommodative to people of a higher age bracket other than just millennials.

Due to its large numbers, Facebook is an excellent platform to increase brand visibility to a general audience. Still, with the ‘Facebook audience’ and ‘lookalike’ features, you can target a custom audience when you need to make more custom sales.

Which one should you choose?

To make the most of both worlds, you can run adverts simultaneously on both platforms. Facebook ad manager can help you manage both accounts. The cost of using Instagram for paid advertising could be much higher than that of using Facebook. Instagram and Facebook have an average cost per click of $0.80 and $0.35, respectively. The cost depends on factors such as user age group on Instagram, with very high costs charged for user age groups of 18 to 24 and 25 to 34. Facebook advert costs depend on the time of the year, with advert prices going up in October, November, and December.

The platform you choose will solely depend on your target audience and the goals you intend to achieve. Both platforms offer unique benefits and features.

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