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Common HVAC Mistakes You Must Try to Avoid

Have you been noticing high energy costs or low system performance at your premises of late? This could be due to common HVAC issues. Three-quarters of all homes in the US have air conditioners that make up for 6% of the electricity bill and a total yearly expense of $29 billion. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the units to improve their lifespan and save on utility bills. The rising inclination for ease and convenience has increased the demand for IoT-enabled heating and cooling, which can also alert the customer to system failure and unusual behavior, according to an article by Grand View Research. This helps in quick maintenance and repair to enhance efficiency.

Business owners too can ensure comfort and productivity with some easy steps. One of the easiest ways is to avoid certain mistakes. This will help maximize returns on your HVAC investment. It can also help you save money. So, take a look at the top things you might be doing wrong that can compromise the quality of performance of your HVAC system.

Not Getting Professional Help

DIY fixes are great for minor issues. But you should hire a highly skilled and experienced professional when it comes to big repairs. The top company offers trained technicians who can competently service all types and brands to reduce energy costs and improve air quality, according to Total Comfort Group. Further, make sure they perform a site assessment and survey, while offering preventative maintenance and emergency services.

Mishandling Air Vents

Closing an air vent can create a huge pressure imbalance. This can cause leaks in the duct and lower the potency of the system. Further, make sure to look for mold, debris, and dust regularly. These can put the system through unnecessary wear and tear. Subsequently, your HVAC might lose its efficiency. Consider changing the filter as often as required, ideally every 40-60 days, to avoid overheating and breakdown.

Ignoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

There are 3 key elements of personal safety that need proper care:

1) Source control is the ability to manage pollutant sources like bacteria or allergens through ultraviolet filtration, according to an article by Forbes. This can help remove a significant number of harmful substances from the air.

2) Filtration is the removal of the tiniest hazardous particles from the air. This is once again done through UV rays in advanced systems.

3) Ventilation requires you to maintain fresh airflow by utilizing heat recovery or ERC recovery methods. You can also simply open the doors and windows in your facility for consistent air circulation.

Avoiding Musty Odor

You could be alarmed by a burning odor. However, musty smells are also a common issue that occurs due to mold or mildew. It happens when the moisture within the system does not drain properly. Another reason is that perhaps bacteria growth has taken place on the coils of the heat pump or air-conditioner. So, consider working with an expert to dehumidify your HVAC. Routine maintenance can also help avoid this issue.

Other mistakes to avoid are setting the thermostat to extreme temperature, skipping preventive maintenance, and failing to upgrade your system when required. Taking care of these can help your HVAC system work efficiently for the longest time.

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Marcelo Fincher is a blogger & writer on technology related topics with years of experience in studying technological advancements. In his spare time, Marcelo likes to read books and take a walk on the beach.

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