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CoinGeek Conference 2021 Announces Date and Location

It has finally been announced that the much-awaited CoinGeek Conference 2021 will be broadcasted live from Samsung Hall in Zurich Switzerland on June 8-10. The seventh instalment of the biannual conference is expected to draw in developers, investor, clients and people from the media as experts from all over the world come together to speak about their firsthand experiences and technical knowledge about Bitcoin SV (BSV) and its blockchain.

Past conferences have been held in cities key to the growth of the global economy like New York, London, Seoul, Hong Kong and Toronto. This time is no different as Zurich is considered to be the financial capital of Europe as it is home to more than 500 financial institutions. Just south of Zurich lies “Crypto Valley” in Zug, where Bitcoin Association, a global industry organization that supports Bitcoin SV as the original Bitcoin, is headquartered. CoinGeek Conference 2021 will be hosted again by Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen.

CoinGeek Conference aims to spread awareness and correct misinformation about the benefits of blockchain technology, as well as gather people from different industries so they can create future business partnerships. The advocacy of Bitcoin SV, with SV standing for Satoshi Vision, is to stay true to Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for Bitcoin. It has successfully restored the original Bitcoin protocol and has unlocked unbounded scalability, which makes its blockchain more stable than ever. This also allows for blocks to accommodate huge volumes of data and significantly lowers down transaction fees.

Aside from these, the Bitcoin SV network also promotes an economically incentivizing system that allows individuals to take back ownership of their data and earn from them. What does this mean? Unlike social media leaders Facebook and Twitter that earn huge profits from collecting their users’ data without giving a cent to users, Bitcoin SV platforms give intellectual property rights to the individual through the Metanet—a new and better Internet. International companies like EHR Data, UNISOT and Twetch, have successfully built applications that allow for individuals to own their data and monetize them accordingly. Having extra income, especially during this time of the pandemic, is a blessing that we will not take away from the people who deserve them.

And this is the overall theme of CoinGeek Conference 2021. It is all about data and how to harness its value for both businesses and individuals to benefit from it. As the pandemic has made many enterprises move their business online, there is a massive amount of data being generated every day. How will this big data be stored in a way that is immutable, transparent and cost-efficient is just one of the many things experts will discuss during CoinGeek Conference 2021.

You may register now and become a part of this movement that will make blockchain technology the future of the digital economy. For further information & press accreditation please contact Ed Pownall on [email protected] or +44-7825-064776.

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