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Cloud Practices That Are Derailing Your Business

Cloud computing is a technology, which upon inception defined the whole generation. Every one of us is reaping the benefits of cloud in one way or the other. The dawn of cloud prompted companies to jump on the bandwagon with both feet without getting hold of the intricacies of the concept. By and large this has proved to be unfruitful and to some degree disastrous for firms. There are some practices, adhering to which can derail the progress of an organization and can backtrack its progress. Here are 5 such practices.

Favoritism Over Realism

  • It might happen that personal choices may come in the way while choosing the right vendor, and you end up choosing the wrong vendor. Every company has different needs to cater, so the vendor selection should be according to its expertise in the field rather than favoritism.
  • Also figure out clearly which of the three models suits your firm the best and choose that one. The cloud is very different to the normal IT services so make sure that the company is ready for the paradigm shift.

Money- the Lone Motivation

  • There is no doubt that cloud hosting provides an incomparable cost savings, but to shift to cloud only for that reason can backfire badly. Shifting software, which is built for legacy systems, to the cloud can make it dysfunctional.
  • So, if your company is working fine otherwise and you are only shifting to cloud for cost saving, it might not be a right choice. Ponder upon the decision again and consult a reputed provider if necessary.

Misinterpreting the Muscle

  • When outsourcing the data, security becomes a prime concern. The physical security provided by the vendors is of the highest order but unfortunately not many industry players have the required encryption measures in place to make the data safe.
  • The company lacks the requisite know how which makes the cloud a ticking bomb and something that a firm surely can do without.

Ignoring the Change

  • As stated before the shift from legacy IT to cloud is a huge one which not many employees are able to cope with. Some older employees resist the change and can create friction leading to unproductiveness.
  • The only solution to this issue is proper understanding and management. It should be made sure that everyone is ready and excited regarding the shift to cloud. If done correctly there is not one technology that cannot be coped with and cloud is no different.

Not Employing Correct Personnel

  • The team chosen to carry out any kind of task is the deciding factor in the success of the work. So, make sure you have the right kind brains carrying out the tasks.
  • It might happen that the IT team chooses the model which suits them. So, make sure that the model being employed fulfills the needs of the user.

Cloud is surely a boon and has improved our lives in more than one way, but if not employed correctly it can unscrew the wheels of the progress and can hinder the prospects of the organization.

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I am a Cloud and Mobile Technology enthusiast and an avid writer. Other than working at QuickBooksHosting DotCom, I actively participates in various forum discussions, writing blogs and articles on topics like latest mobile apps, updates of Operating systems, Cloud hosting services such as QuickBooks hosting, etc.

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