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Cloud Computing – A No-Brainer For The IT Savvy


With the introduction of Google’s new online storage solution, Google Drive, as well as Microsoft’s SkyDrive, the whole world has cast their eyes upon cloud computing. However, for those of us who haven’t been keeping in the loop (or are too busy ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the latest video game releases), the full capabilities of cloud computing may still be a mystery.

Regardless of whether you have just discovered the cloud, or are considering cloud hosting for your business or personal needs, there is no reason not to invest in this new technology.

Still need convincing? Here are four reasons why the switch to cloud computing is a no-brainer.

It’s a space saver

If you have servers in your offices, these servers can take up an awful lot of space – and it can cost a fortune in electrical bills to run your own servers. Cloud hosting means that all of your information is stored in a data centre that belongs to the service provider – this way you’ll have space for more office desks, or leisure areas for your staff to play a bit of pool or eat lunch.

Your data is more secure

When it comes to your personal information or your company’s information, no level of security is too high. When you store information in your company’s servers or on your own personal computers, you run the risk of security breaches – these could have disastrous consequences for your integrity and privacy, as well as that of your clients. Regardless of whether you’re based in Paris or Sydney, use a data centre instead and you’ll receive higher levels of security, plus a dedicated team to manage any needs or issues your company may have.

Someone else can manage the software and platforms for you

One of the best things about cloud hosting is that often, someone else is managing the hosting and software for you – this is known as Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). With all these being managed as a part of your contract deal, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on more important things instead. These cloud hosting companies also offer backup as a service if you need it.

Your information is portable

One of the biggest drawcards of cloud hosting – and the number one reason why it is a no-brainer – is that all the information you store can be accessed from any place at any time. In a world where mobile technology is playing an ever-increasing dominant role in the tech industry, the ability to access information on-the-go is vital. In the end, cloud computing is the way of the future – are you in?

Andy Christie is a writer who truly believes that cloud computing is the way of the future – you will never talk him out of it!

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