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How to Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Provider 

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) and powers over 28% websites worldwide, a number that will continue to grow as time passes. Essentially WordPress can be used to build the simplest of blogs to high-level business applications. And as such is a one-step solution to all web developers, designers and anyone who wishes to step into the online world.

Once you’ve decided to move your business online, the next evident step is you would be building your website, in this case, a WordPress website. And therefore, it is safe to assume you would want the best and hence, choose WordPress Hosting.

The aim of this article is to help you choose the right WordPress Hosting provider that helps you sail in your online business.

Types of WordPress Hosting

Before we delve deeper, let us first see the types of WordPress Hosting and their differences. There are two types of WordPress Hosting services available:

  1. Managed WordPress Hosting
  2. Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

In Managed WordPress Hosting, the hosting provider administers all the essential tasks like website maintenance, upgradation, taking regular backups, installations etc. that are required for the proper functioning of your WordPress websites.

Similarly, as the name suggests in Unmanaged WordPress Hosting, the hosting providers just give you hosting space and technical support when required. All the other tasks as mentioned above are to be taken care of by you as the owner. Unmanaged WordPress Hosting also requires you to have in-depth technical knowledge.

Owing to all these reasons, as a new business owner, it is recommended to choose Managed WordPress Hosting as it gives you enough time to concentrate on building your website as opposed to both managing the business as well as the website maintenance.

There are several Managed WordPress Hosting providers, let us have a look at what all you need to check if the hosting provider is good for you or not.

1. Website Uptime

One of the most important features when choosing a WordPress Hosting provider is checking the website uptime. Say due to some technical fault the server your website is hosted on goes down, the time required for your website to recover is the website Uptime. A good WordPress Hosting provider would guarantee a 99.9% Uptime. If the Uptime is anything less you need to reconsider. As the lesser the Uptime, the more the chances your business would be affected, because you might end up losing potential customers.

2. Reliable Support and Security

Good support is one thing that you can’t compromise on, as support is a feature that deals with the maintenance of your website. A good WordPress Hosting provider is available 24*7 via calls, chats and emails to their customers. A tip, if you’re not sure how reliable the support is, you could always call them up with an issue before you purchase hosting from them. If you are satisfied you know you can choose them.

3. Assured Security

Just like support helps in website management, security is another factor you need to focus on. As Managed WordPress Hosting is mostly built on the Shared Hosting model, i.e several websites share a common server it is imperative that the security is top notch. It is due to this very reason, I would recommend ResellerClub as their WordPress Hosting is a cloud-based solution and monitoring the cloud is easier. Also, it doesn’t have a single-point of failure and provides various FTP & malware scans, as well as add-ons like Sitelock to keep your website secure.

4. Website Backup

Lastly, once your website is up and about it needs to have a regular update and backup. A regular backup of your website helps you in times of recovery should you lose your data. ResellerClub WordPress Hosting plans comes with an additional add-on Codeguard for automatic website backup. Before choosing the WordPress Hosting provider, check if they provide regular backups

5. Auto Update

WordPress being an Open Source platform there are chances that potential hackers might lurk around trying to find a loophole and attack your website. To tackle this issue, WordPress releases regular updates and software patches. If you opt for WordPress Hosting, they automatically provide you updates and upgrade to a newer version if available.


Selecting a WordPress Hosting provider completely depends on your budget and what you are looking for. But these are some of the essentials that you should keep at the top of your checklist. If the WordPress Hosting provides even 2 out of 3, then it is a fairly good choice to go with.

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