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Can You Manage Acute Cluster Headache with Kratom?

Cluster headaches are a form of persistent headache that causes unbearable pain on one side of the brain. You can also feel them in the area surrounding the eye. Cluster headaches are a more severe kind of migraine. However, they are uncommon. These headaches are frequent in males between 30 and 40, although they can affect anybody. Cluster headaches arise suddenly and without notice. The misery is extreme in that it is generally portrayed as a searing, wounding, or piercing sensation on one side of the head. We also feel it throughout the face, temples, head, and eye. The most problematic aspect of Cluster Headaches is that they repeatedly attack the same side of the brain.

Green Dragon Kratom is a kratom strain hybrid claimed to be a more powerful variant of the famous Green Malay Kratom. Its potent benefits might range from increased energy and focus to mild to severe pain relief. It provides some stimulation and might keep you awake because it is a blend of a white strain. It is undeniably energizing.

What exactly is Kratom?

We get Kratom from an Indonesian tree of the same name; the leaves contain active compounds that people have used for ages (and abused). In the United States, Kratom has gained in popularity, but its legal status is uncertain; the DEA released a letter in August 2016 with the purpose to re-classify it as Schedule I (along with LSD and heroin), but has since backtracked and will make a decision in a month or two. Kratom is legal in most states and is also available online. Kratom is legal in several nations.

Causes of Cluster Headache

According to physicians, the reasons for cluster headaches are not well understood. However, several causes of Cluster headaches have a connection to hypothalamic activity (a part of the brain). Some of the most common causes of cluster headache are drinking alcohol or inhaling a strong odor such as perfume, paint, or gasoline over an extended period. Cluster headaches are also hereditary since they can go down from parent to kid.

Here are some signs and manifestations of Cluster Headaches:

  • Eyes that are red and watery
  • One eyelid has dropped and swollen.
  • Face Sweaty
  • Runny or obstructed nostrils

Does Kratom Work for Cluster Headaches?

Kratom is an evergreen plant of the coffee family commonly cultivated in Southeast Asian nations such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Some people use Kratom to treat cluster headaches. But is it wise and safe to use Kratom for Cluster Pain? We will inform you of all you need to know in this respect.

Is Kratom effective for Cluster Headaches?

According to research studies, Kratom has powerful pain-relieving effects and may help treat Cluster Headaches. Kratom (especially Kratom leaves) contains several active alkaloid chemicals, the most important of which are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. These two active alkaloid compounds can interact with opioid receptors in the brain, only appealing to opiates. So, it is not incorrect to argue that Kratom has similar effects to opioids.

As a result, Kratom can provide the same pain-relieving effects as opiates by interacting with opioid receptors. In other words, due to its pain-relieving characteristics, Kratom may be beneficial for cluster headaches.

Different strains of Kratom, particularly red Kratom, alleviate cluster headaches. Red Kratom is known to have powerful pain-relieving properties. On the other hand, White Kratom is used by specific users because it contains more caffeine-like alkaloids and caffeine (as Kratom is a member of the coffee plant family). Caffeine enhances blood flow, which can aid in treating cluster headaches. Accordingly, we recommend that you don’t utilize the white strain of Kratom for a lengthy period because it may have a substantial sedative effect with reliance.

The Advantages of Using Kratom for Cluster Headaches

Kratom may give the following advantages, according to user accounts and scientific studies:

  • It may revitalize your body and clear your mind of mental dullness.
  • Kratom is an excellent pain reliever (especially red Kratom at higher doses)
  • This drug is not a pharmaceutical; hence it does not cause any adverse effects, unlike other pharmaceutical medications.

You can use it in various ways. The most helpful method for consuming Kratom is through its leaves. After drying, the leaves can be chewed or ground into powder. You may include powdered kratom leaves into any of your favorite drinks or foods.

Kratom is currently accessible in various forms, including Kratom capsules, tinctures, pastes, and gums.

Migraine-Relieving Kratom Strain

So, the all-important question: what is the best kratom strain for migraines? We’re looking at red Kratom; first, I believe. If red Kratom’s strong pain-relieving capabilities do not benefit you, it is doubtful that Kratom will aid you if you want to try it. You may try the green dragon Kratom. As a result, we would begin with a red kratom strain. A traditional red variety such as Malay, Bali, Borneo, or Horned would suffice. 

The recommended Kratom dose is in this guide.

No matter what form of Kratom you use, you must take a modest amount to reap the most health advantages. If the cluster headache is intense and intolerable, you can take a substantial dose of Kratom, but just once a day. It is difficult to identify how many grams of Kratom you should use to alleviate cluster headaches. That is because Kratom is a highly personal item. The effects of the exact kratom dosage will vary from person to person. So, the best approach to determine your ideal Kratom dose is to consult with your primary care physician.

We will guide you in the process of consuming Kratom, and we suggest the accompanying kratom measurement qualities:

  • Dose for Beginners: Up to 3g
  • Up to 5g in a moderate dose
  • Up to 8g for a strong dose
  • Dose Excessive: More than 8g 


Because of its powerful pain-relieving effects, Kratom can relieve Cluster Headaches. Almost all strains of Kratom can be used, but only in small amounts. Before taking Kratom strains for pain, we urge that you speak with your doctor first. It is also critical to remember that Kratom is not a medically proven therapy for Cluster Headaches.

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