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Can Stress Make You Fail A Drug Test?

Yeah! So, you have been clean for a while, and you have a scheduled drug test. Your confidence is ramped up since you are sure that you haven’t used any drugs or smoked pot for up to three months or even six.

You go into the test with so much confidence of what the result would be Negative, I guess? But no! The test result comes out positive for marijuana.

You are shocked! You question it and get another one done. It’s the same thing- positive for marijuana. How is this so?

The Science of Drug Testing

While there isn’t any straightforward answer to your question on why you have had a positive result after being clean for a while, there are a few possibilities for it.

Experts say that marijuana has a half-life of 3 – 7 days. This means that after seven days, the amount of THC in your body would naturally deplete by half. So, depending on the amount of THC in your body system, it could take from a few weeks to months to become clean of the drug metabolites if you are detoxifying naturally.

But because THC and most drug metabolites are lipid-soluble. They get absorbed and stored in the fat cells in the body system, making it even more difficult for quick detoxification. The fat cells love the psychoactive ingredient; they absorb it—and hold onto it—exceptionally well for a long time even long after a person has stopped using.

These stored psychoactive ingredients are released into the bloodstream anytime there is a breakdown of fatty cells. Say, when you perform physical exercises or are under immense stress. Stress can lead to a breakdown of fatty tissues and a release of long-stored THC into the bloodstream.

Immense stress can make you fail a drug test if you have been smoking for a long time and have only just quitted.

If you have a scheduled drug urine test and you need to detoxify quickly, or you just want to be double sure that you are clean, you can try some of these natural methods to detoxify your body system.

Drink Lots of Water: Water helps to cleanse your body system. Drinking 3-4 litres of water a day is an excellent way to aid natural cleansing without excessive urine dilution. However, keep in mind that drinking too much water removes vital electrolytes from your body, and can lead to water intoxication.

Lemon Juice Punch: To prevent loss of vital electrolytes from your body, you can make lemon water. Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to 500ml water for that extra punch in the form of vitamins and electrolytes.

Healthy Diet: We recommend that you stay away from junk food during cleansing. Avoid fatty foods, as THC binds to lipids easily, and sugar and sodium increase water retention. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables can significantly speed up detox by expelling cannabinoids through bowel movement.

We hope you’ve learned something new. We’ve used information from High Times and Medsignals magazines in this research.

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