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How Can You Get Free Wi-Fi Wherever You Go?

Nowadays we almost always need Wi-Fi. We need it for our tablets, phone, and computers to remain connected with friends, family and often, office. Personal Wi-Fi is quite expensive and finding it can be troublesome if you don’t know where to look.


Though we still don’t have a cloud of Wi-Fi covering our planet, you can find free Wi-Fi wherever you go, if you know where to look for it. Here are the things that you need to know.

Drive down the Road and Get Connected

If you can leave your house to get internet access, there is an array of options that you can take advantage of. Here are some of the most obvious ones:

  • Libraries and bookstores
  • Coffee shops
  • Fast food joints
  • Local university campus
  • Hotel lobbies

Remember that making use of public Wi-Fi at a given establishment needs a certain give and take. It’s customary and a courtesy to make a purchase if you take a seat at a fast food joint or coffee shop.

However, some places offering public Wi-Fi limit it just to the members. You may need to show your library card or sign up as a member with the gym if you want to take advantage of the wireless connection there. Before you make a solid plan, it’s always better to call ahead and check out on their policies.

If Driving Is Not an Option

If you are stuck in a situation when you don’t have internet at home and cannot access your car, things get a little tricky. You can still consider a few options here.

City Wi-Fi

Several cities offer Wi-Fi within their limits. This is free and open both to the locals and the tourists. Your location is a concern here. If you don’t live within city limits, you won’t get a signal.


If you have a smartphone, you can tether data connection.  This is completely dependent on your phone’s reception. So, if you don’t get a good connection in your house, this will not be of much help to you.

Ask the Neighbors

If you are stuck at home without free Wi-Fi and you can’t tether either, you are left with only one option. Go and ask your neighbor if you can use their internet. If you are meeting with your neighbor for the first time, they are bound to be somewhat cautious. However, if you explain the situation properly to them, they are quite likely to be sympathetic enough to let you in.

Now you know what to do if you are in your city. What to do if you need wireless internet connection while traveling?

Here are some steps that you can adhere to if you need internet while traveling.

Know the Surroundings

Lots of businesses that offer free Wi-Fi, especially the big chains like McDonalds and Starbucks. There are also a few hotels and smaller chains gifting free Wi-Fi. Gain familiarity with these places and remember them.

Use Hotspot Database

If you don’t have the locations around, you can turn to WeFi, which is a hotspot database. They come with a huge list including more than one hundred million hotspots throughout the world. It lists the rural areas as well. They have apps for Android and iPhone to help you out.

Hidden Network

If you are not close to the documented hotspots, you can use your smartphone apps to locate the hidden ones. These hidden hot spots often include airports and electronic stores. With just a bit of searching, you can bring out the hidden hotspots. Avoid letting too many people know of it if you don’t want them to begin protecting the network.

Know the Right Sites

You may not access all the sites, but if you need Wi-Fi connection just to pass the time, check out whether the paid hotspots offer any site free of charge. For example, Delta Airlines offer access to the Wall Street Journal and Amazon in flight. Though you can’t check your email, you can keep yourself busy by reading news and browsing Amazon.

Sign up for the Loyalty Programs

You can get Wi-Fi access if you join a loyalty program. It’s not a bad deal since most of these programs are free of cost. Moreover, if you have a good spam filter in place, you need not deal with the nasty newsletters that they send after you sign up either.

Find Coupons

Finding codes for free Wi-Fi minutes is easier than you construe. With just a bit of foresight, you can use the codes and keep them ready if you need access while on the go. Following some companies on Twitter can also help you grab great deals. If you are in a building like the airport, you can find codes at the nearby shops as well.

So, here are some ways to access free Wi-Fi. However, if you are using public Wi-Fi, make sure that it is legitimate and not a fake network that steals your personal details. Even if you are on a legitimate network, it is better to use a VPN to keep your browsing activities safe from lurking eyes.

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Steven Scheck is the Principal of Inspire WiFi, the nationwide leader of multifamily wifi and healthcare wifi. When he isn't bringing Wi-Fi to the masses, he enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and 4 kids and occasionally gets in a round of golf. He is also very involved in philanthropic causes in Miami and nationally.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gist Man

    August 27, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    Some social gatherings and some churches in my country offer free WIFI. Looking for where to get free wifi?
    visit St. Andrews Chapel. Uyo, Nigeria.

    Nice post @Steven.

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