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Call Centers: Reducing Cost-Per-Call without Quality Compromise

For some businesses, call centers are a crucial way of keeping their business on the right path. For some, call center is all the business they have.

In the intense marketing era, business intellects are constantly trying to figure out the ways to reach more and more customers. And for those requirements, call centers remain irreplaceable solutions for many reasons. Be it a new sales pitch or serving the requirements of the existing customer, call centers remain among most loved solutions for businesses. Easily, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology deserves a huge credit for it.

VoIP technology has raised the quality with the connections for call centers considerably. At the same time, it also brings in some considerable price control options as well. Here is how call centers can reduce cost-per-call without missing out any bit of quality.

Precise Monitoring

Controlling expenses without expense tracking is a senseless thought. If you have got VoIP and other technologies right then tracking the performance of the agents and overall call center is not a big task. Hence, the cost expenses are also easier to count. Most VoIP solutions are able to provide instant updates of processes going on in call centers. The number of calls connected or served, the time consumed on call, time spent on wait, etc. are some of the parameters that constitute the call expenses. With all these available at one click, you can analyze the reasons of higher expenses and then plan the strategies for controlling them.

Automated/Predictive Dialer

Dialer comes at a cost for sure, but the expenses that it saves for the call centers are immense. For outbound call centers, auto-dialers or predictive dialers can save efforts of agents with the calling. The dialer-oriented calls deliver improved successful calls ratio immensely as it can filter wrong numbers, busy numbers, voicemails, etc. Connecting more calls simply enables greater opportunities for successful sales. Hence, the productivity is higher and can easily cover up for the expenses of the dialer. Obviously, the overall cost per call will come down to comfort your pocket.

Fly In the Cloud

Cloud computing has made its way into a number of industries and has earned appreciations for most of them. The story is as merry for the VoIP solutions as well. The price plans with hosted VoIP solutions are much lesser than the counterpart solutions. Some studies reveal that a business can save up to 30% on the monthly rental. Even without that, cloud solutions ensure that your business does not require local infrastructure to reduce the cost of a dedicated IT staff. Additionally, the freedom of working from remote locations is available with cloud-based solutions. All this curbs the overall connectivity setup cost and expenses.

Pick the Right IVR

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is an application, which enables the machine to respond to the caller. As per the input of the caller (touchtone or voice), IVR can announce the requisite solution or route the call to the right extension. It means it can save you the need for a human recipient. Since it can handle a number of calls at a time, it is even get better than just one agent. For certain business needs, such as broadcasting of some promotional offers, etc., it can operate without any agent need. All in all, it is a big money saving feature on offer.

Bargain on Bulk Services

Mere VoIP connection may not be sufficient for the businesses. Additional services, such as Dialer integration, PBX setup, IVR, Victual Number, Toll Free Number, etc. are required, at times, for the smooth running of business operations. Most of the VoIP service providers are able to deliver the set of these services under one roof, but businesses are opting different providers. Instead, opting for the same provider for various services can be a cost saving factor for your business. Picking a number of services from the same provider not only eases the billing hassles but also allows the option of demanding a bargain.

Wrapping it up

Steering a business without call centers is not practically possible for most businesses. In certain cases, such as support delivery, call centers are not earning big profits. Yet businesses have to keep them running. So, keeping expenses low is a critical determinant for success. With powerful technologies available to serve you, there is no smart reason for not switching to them.

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Renuka Rana, Editor at AceCloudHosting spends considerable part of her time in writing about technology including cloud computing, Smartphones and QuickBooks Hosting. When not writing, she loves to dig deeper into knowing the best and the latest technology in industry.

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