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Business Benefits of Structured Network Cabling

Every company such as multimedia to businesses that provides services like WAN, LAN, ISDN and ASDL, need information system strategy to support its operations. A structured cabling system delivers a platform upon which complete information system strategy is built. These systems outlast all other networking components and need only minimal upgrades. Structured Cabling even gives an excellent ROI from an investment point of view.

As per the definition given by Fiber Optic Association, “Structured cabling is basically defined as standardized architecture and components for communications cabling specified by the EIA/TIA TR42 committee and used as a voluntary standard by manufacturers to ensure interoperability”. If you want to upgrade your existing infrastructure or design a new system, then Structured Network Cabling is the best choice. These systems help in creating a versatile, expandable, cost-effective system to fit your company’s growing needs. Take a look at this article to know more about Structured Network Cabling.

Definition of Structured Network Cabling

Structured network cabling basically refers to a single flexible cabling infrastructure that can connect to multiple computers, phones, and other devices. As per International Engineering Consortium, an internationally standardized structured cabling system and consolidating cable-delivery procedures for every system can decrease initial construction costs for the cabling infrastructure of a modern intelligent building by up to 30 percent. In Structured network cabling, specialized sockets are be installed where you can plug in your devices.  Cables from various workstations will be connected to a central communication network cabinet. A well-designed structured cabling system can lessen the enterprise workflow problems and network downtime issues to a large extent. Companies can easily improve their productivity and performance, by crafting a competitive IT infrastructure with an overall information strategy,

Why Use Structured Network Cabling?

Flexibility & Consistency

Your company always needs a plan or approach to support various devices in the typical business environment. Companies can easily simply their office network by making it consistent and flexible by installing structured network cabling systems. They can easily connect PC or telephone or a fax machine, by just plugging it in the provided specialized socket.

Support for Equipment & Applications

Structured cabling systems are even perfect to meet the increasing needs of your business. Even if you want to install new devices to your network, you can effortlessly do it without bearing any additional costs. The network systems even have the capability to hold adequate bandwidth which in turn helps in supporting new applications. You also don’t have to up-to-date your cabling infrastructure for a long time.

Easy & Cost-Effective Management Solutions

In structured network cabling, a single point is used for all administrative and management requirements.  It is an affordable and much easier way to make any instant changes. Companies just have to invest in a one-time single cabling infrastructure which can support applications and hardware from several vendors. You can simply plug the cables into the suitable socket when you want an entire department to be restructured to save time, energy and money.

Isolation of Faulty System

It is quite easier to detach the faulty systems or network issues and fix them in structured network cabling. In this type of networking, the whole infrastructure will be separated into manageable blocks, and this makes the testing of faulty systems easier without causing any interruption to the other devices of the network.

Final Word

Choose a company that can give multipurpose, flexible, economical system that fit your company’s growing needs. Select a provider that can help you to assess, design and install the optimum integrated system for your company.

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Linda Hudson is a SEO Services professional with more than 5 years of experience and fond of reading new topics and upcoming technologies on internet. I follow people who always update latest news and make us aware about the new things too.



  1. clint

    October 10, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    I totally agree that structured cabling is the only way to go in an office environment. Many times I go into an office and they are trying to run the whole small business on wifi and they are always have connectivity and speed issues not to mention network security issues. Thanks for the article.

  2. Dawn

    February 28, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    Yeah I do agree with your article that structured cabling is an essential part of the office and companies. So we should go for that. Thanks

  3. Olivia Smart

    October 25, 2021 at 5:51 pm

    Thank you for explaining that structured network cabling can make things flexible and consistent. My friend has been wondering about getting this for her business. I’ll be sure to mention this to her to see if it will help her to decide.

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