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Business and Office Phones

Nowadays, businesses are operating in a very competitive environment and in order to stave off cut-throat competition they are trying to retain customers by providing high-quality customer service. In order to achieve a high customer satisfaction rate, businesses are looking for efficient communication systems in offices. PSTN telephone systems  are not able to keep pace with changing business communication needs. Advancement in telecommunication technology has given rise to a new breed of communication system known as the VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

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VoIP telephone systems use the internet or a secure network equation for transmitting voice signals in the form of digital packets. Phones that are used for business communication using VoIP are known as VoIP/IP phones. These phones come packed with numerous advanced telephony features that old PSTN phones do not possess. IP phones do not need additional equipments to connect to the communication network or the Internet. For VoIP users, IP phones are the ideal choice as they can connect and start working with the system within a few minutes.

VoIP/IP phones establish call connections without using existing telephone lines, which reduces the call costs considerably. Numerous technical advantages of using IP phones include retaining a single number, automated call routing, music on hold etc.

IP phones pack in several advanced telephony features but they vary from one manufacturer or model to another.

Some of the main features are as follows:

Graphical LCD display screen

A graphical LCD display screen is a vital part of an IP phone as it displays all the information related to a call. There are even advanced IP phones that facilitate web surfing and video conferencing. Now, the LCD display screen plays a very important role as high quality display makes communication error free and smoother.

Multiple programmable feature keys

Business phones have a variety of advanced features and the keys act as the interface that allow users to access and handle its features. There are several VoIP features that need your IP phone to have certain in-built special hardware to support its advanced telephony features.

Ports for network and PC connections

In order to connect to the internet, you will have to use a RJ-11 port that connects to the ADSL line. On the other hand, if you wish to connect to the Ethernet then it is the RJ-45 port that comes into play. Now, the latest IP phones have multiple RJ-45 ports that allow it to connect to multiple network devices and even turn the IP phone into a switch.

Full-duplex speaker phone

Communication can be carried out in three different ways:

  • Simplex -€“ In this mode of communication, only one way of communication is possible.
  • Half-Duplex -€“ This is a mode of communication where two way communications exists but only one can be active at a time.
  • Full-Duplex -€“ This allows a two way communication simultaneously.

Support for network management

The latest IP phones are packed with network management features that can be used by network managers to monitor devices on the network. The protocol used for network management is known as Simple Network Management Protocol.

Personalized ringing tones

Well, IP phone users can expect to set and enjoy personalized ringing tones. They can set different tones for different contacts so that they can easily identify callers just by their respective ringtones.

Data encryption

Data encryption makes all the business calls secure from different security threats. Securing data becomes easy when all the data to and from the IP phone are transmitted in an encrypted format.

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