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Burglar Barriers and Home Security

We all want to believe that we live in a world where we can leave our doors unlocked (intentionally or not) and still be safe. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in all neighborhoods. You always have the option of relocating to one of the safer neighborhoods, though.

We don’t necessarily have to build moats around our homes, install exaggerated laser security systems or set-up cameras in every corner.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, “around 40 percent of annual household burglaries in the United States are not forced entries, meaning someone was able to walk, climb or crawl inside of houses almost as easily as if the owners left a key in the door.”

Precautions, improvements, and renovations go a long way. The simplest form of defense that we all take for granted is making sure everything is always locked.

Aside from the basic home safeguarding, make an effort to act upon some of these following tips, too:

Acquaint Yourself with Neighborhood Happenings

Don’t be too eager to let your guard down, though, build your relationship with your fellow neighbor first. Keep the lines of communication always open between you.

Sites and resources like Neighborhood Scout can help you confirm and check just how safe your area is for a certain quarter or time period.

Take part in supporting your neighborhood’s crime watch programs. As a homeowner, there’s no greater feeling than coming back home from a vacation and seeing everything is in its rightful place, just as you left it.


Especially if you have sliding doors and windows. By putting a rod or dowel on the track of sliding entrances and windows you can delay, or stop, a burglar’s entry entirely. You can also mount grills outside your windows. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always make your house appear and feel jail-like. There are plenty of elegant designs to choose from.

It’s time you upgrade your home utility outlets and switches as well. Opt for efficient, automated lighting that is motion sensitive so intruders are bathed in lighting, complete with their deer-in-the-headlights look. This will not only alert you but your neighbors as well. Avoid having too many shadowed areas around your property.

If you have a pet dog, you’ve already got yourself an extra trusty set of eyes and ears.

Can’t afford or don’t really want to go through the trouble of installing a complicated alarm? Fake alarm boxes – basically anything that shrieks – will do just fine.

Don’t Be Too Showy

The easier it is to look inside your home, the more tempted thieves will be to break in.  Keep your valuables out of sight. Put your curtains and blinds to good use by actually unraveling them and closing them.

When it comes to garage safety, the same rules apply. Refrain from having too many windows that allow clear visibility inside your garage.  Every so often, there are burglars gusty enough to steal vehicles.

Plants and shrubberies in your yard are debatable. Sure, it provides some privacy, but it also gives intruders a place to linger and lurk.

Holiday Precautions  

The last quarter of the year is when gift-giving is rampant. You’ve got Black Friday sales during Thanksgiving and a plethora of gift-giving and exchanging on Christmas day. You may have received the “best present ever,” but there’s no need for the whole neighborhood to know that. Cherish them in private instead.

It’s the season for giving and receiving – and a crook’s favorite time of the year for canvassing and stealing.

Discard packaging of expensive items like TVs, appliances, and the latest gadgets or game consoles discretely. Drop them off at dumpsites instead of waiting for the garbage truck to roll around. The longer those are outside on your curb, the greater the chances of everyone knowing what goodies they can make theirs.

Shred up those boxes, or better yet, recycle and DIY them into artsy organizers.

It’s always worth it to shell out a generous amount of your budget for safety. Would you rather use the money for reinforcement or to pay for damages? Stop allowing burglars to make a living out of your belongings, and make sure your living quarters are secure by keeping these tips in mind.

The cheapest prerogative that won’t cost you a dime? Common sense.

Stay safe!

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Ayah Granada is currently a content writer and editor for She is a former student journalist, part time bibliophile and TV series hoarder-slash-enthusiast. You can also find her on Twitter @ayahgranada.

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