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Building Higher On Sales Through Live Support Software

It is a fact that customers are the driving force of a business. If there are no customers, there would not be a business. Therefore, in order to keep your business afloat, you need to keep your customers happy. Providing exceptional customer service through live chat ensures that your customers will keep returning to your business thereby giving you more opportunities to make sales. This will further encourage existing customers to recommend your company to their friends and family thus generating more business for your company.

live chatLive chat software enables a chat operator to invite prospective customers visiting your site to chat and share their concerns and questions. Usually the client may have questions regarding something he may be searching for or the specifications of a product. In order to guide your customer accordingly. the chat software also allows the chat operator to use the Push URL feature, which makes taking over the browser of your client and guiding him in the proper direction possible. However, you must seek for your client’s permission before you do so in case he does not appreciate you taking over his browser. These features will help in saving a lot of time and introducing new products to the client.

Chat operators should be trained to professionally deal with clients. Proper language and manners should be observed during a live chat session. Train your operators to go beyond just the normal Q&A session and learn how to up-sell. It is OK to ask if a client would like anything else with their purchase thereby referring to a product that compliments their current purchase.

Do not make your customers wait. The entire point of live support software is to offer your customers instant assistance. If they are made to wait, it could give your company a bad impression and possibly result in lost sales. If you are not available during a span of time, make sure you state your timings on your website. In addition to mentioning your timings make sure you have a contact button placed on your website so that customers can contact you through a message which you can respond to when you go online.

Learn how to use canned messages i.e. instant responses, appropriately. If they are used in the right manner then they make the customer feel important. They are usually used to answer questions that are asked by customers repeatedly; hence, having an instant response on hand can prove to be very useful. However, be careful not to over use this feature in live chat support as the customer can easily be made to feel like he is receiving impersonal assistance due to the automated nature of canned messages. They should just be used in such a way that they are not made to look like they are automated. When customers are made to feel important it will instantly create a good impression about the company in their mind and they will be inclined to make a purchase.

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Brian Smith is a business consultant at with a particular interest in live chat support for businesses. He particularly likes to use his passion for technology to empower online entrepreneurs to realize the true potential of their ventures.



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