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Bring the Change in Workplace with iOS 9 Features

In June 2015 at WWDC, Apple launched iOS 9, the current OS version for the iPhone and iPads. The focus though was mainly on the polish, fixing bugs and making the OS run smooth and for a longer time. The new feature that they have integrated into the current version is an upgraded search, web indexing, and multi-tasking abilities as well that will make your device the best companion in the workplace.

VIDEO: New iOS 9 Features Announced

What new feature is going to drive on the changes?

Here are some awesome features that iOS app development services can take advantages to designing app that will move with the workflow of new iOS 9.

Search Indexing

With iOS 9, third-party developers are going to get a scoop to index their content in Spotlight database and help users search thoroughly from their home screen. Through search, it will be easier to find recent documents in Microsoft Office, emails of Gmail or search flights in TripIt. Therefore, when the third party apps come with updated feature they are able to take advantage of it. Apart from the search results, you can see actions associated with them to interact with a search result without even opening the app. Apple has applied a demo to the all-new AirBnb app, which had the contact information for future rentals. With a single tap, they can call the host without even opening the app saving the time of app navigation.

Web Indexing

Search indexing is not along to be introduced in iOS 9, Apple has been after making of investments in its server infrastructure to enable web indexing as well. A few markup changes in the web content that information can appear as a search result as well with the same and quick access command like taking up call, sending emails or opening up Maps. If the search results become popular instantly, the result will start appearing soon for users, who are yet to install the app. This will help to drive engagement to the app from the users who were not even aware of your app. This will aid in app discovery and increase productivity in the workplace with the use of dedicated apps.


In the new iPads such as iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 and higher versions, you will get into the facility of slide-over apps from the side to interact without even closing the previous app. It closely resembles a stretched out iPhone app with the same feature in a compact form. Sliding back it dismisses the app, giving back control to the first app without going back to the home screen. This feature is going to help users at the workplace to send an important message quickly while reading a document, thus improving the app flow for users. With Split View you can interact with two apps side-by-side at the same time, a feature users have witnessed previously in the Windows 8. Now switching from one app to another is easy with a simple multi-tasking pane makes your daily Smartphone chores easier.

These features are a wholesome proof that Apple is making their devices more workplace friendly to increase the user productivity.

iOS 9 is a brand new release filled with different features. It shows Apple continues to invest in the future of its platform with new improvements such as search and multi-tasking for their iPads, iPhones, and others.

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Pratip Biswas, the Owner and CEO of Unified Infotech is actively involved in, Mobile App Development, and Internet Marketing since 2010. Pratip's knowledge and experience have made him one of the most respected and referenced in the web and mobile app industry and his passion for innovation and growth has led his company to success.



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  2. Rana Sahb

    October 31, 2015 at 4:03 pm

    i have been using the IOS from the start when i got my first cell … now i am attached to it so much

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