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Boost Your Mobile Marketing With This Simple Method

With mobile usage continuing to increase, it naturally stands to reason that more attention needs to be paid towards mobile marketing. After all, advertising needs to be focused on where the people currently are, and these days, whether it’s tablets or smart phones, it’s all about mobile computing.

The problem is, sometimes it can be difficult to steer people towards your mobile marketing promotions. People get so accustomed to being approached by advertising via email, banner and pop-up ads online, and the traditional forms of commercials, that it doesn’t occur to them to pay attention to a mobile marketing campaign.

Some of you may wonder why anyone would want to deliberately expose themselves to what amounts to more ads in the first place. Keep on reading, and you’ll see why in-store advertising can become an integral part of a successful mobile marketing campaign.

In-store ads help turn up the volume on your mobile marketing campaign

What’s In-Store Advertising?

In-store advertising has actually been around for a long time, if you stop and think about it. It’s basically what it sounds like: advertising and sales promotions at the business’ location. Also called in-store promotion, you’ve encountered it if you ever got free product samples at a supermarket, witnessed a product demonstration, or got a coupon handed to you while you were browsing.

Why It’s Better Than Traditional Marketing Methods

For starters, you have a captive audience. When confronted with commercials, most people avoid them and tune them out, or grab the remote and either mute the TV or change the channel (and if you’re like me, you accompany this with snarling and swearing). But when you use in-store advertising, the people are already there! Yes, you have a sort of captive audience, and you are free to expose them to the glories of your in-store advertising, in the hopes of increasing their involvement with your business.

In addition, it’s a more cost-effective means of doing advertising. After all, you’re already paying for the building space (unless you own it outright), already shelling out money for utilities, supplies, and employees. Sweetening things a bit by adding in-store advertising can only help.

Mobile marketing provides more opportunities for direct engagement. It can help build a personal connection with a potential customer, and as a rule, people are more favorably disposed to doing business with a company that relates to them on a personal level.

Finally, it’s virtually risk-free. Based upon the previous two points, it’s safe to conclude that you seriously have very little to lose and a lot to gain by using in-store advertising.

“Like Us On Facebook!”

Wow, how many times have you seen that particular sign in a store? It’s become so ubiquitous, so cliché, that whenever my wife and I see one (which is way too often), we use our special sing-song voices and read the sign aloud to each other.

Yes, you can tie in your social media presence with your in-store advertising in order to call attention to your mobile marketing campaigns, as pointed out in the article “5 Creative Ways to Boost Mobile Subscriptions with In-Store Advertising.” But the point is, you need much more than just slapping that sign in the window and hoping for the best.

The above-mentioned link includes some terrific ideas, including printing up fliers and posters and placing them in your store, getting your employees involved by having them wear buttons or talking about the mobile promotions, or even printing promotions on receipts.

Speaking of mobile marketing, if you want some additional solid information on how to do it better, check out “Generating Leads With Mobile Marketing & Responsive Design”.

Bottom line, in-store advertisements can strengthen your mobile promotions, increase customers, and help to build a solid brand. Check into it; you won’t be disappointed.

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