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Best Top 5 Disposable Vape Pens from Hyde

The Hyde Vape pens are simply ranking on top in the market, exhibiting a massive collection of vape pens with enormous Hyde Flavors. You can choose from the Hyde Icon Disposable Vape pen to the recently released Hyde N-Bar Disposable Vape, which is extremely portable in design, with a giant capacity. As you are aware of nicotine through vape pens, the main question is, which vape pen will be best for you? You can choose the device based on the Hyde Flavors of your choice. To ease this confusion, we have listed our top 5 disposable vape pens from the Hyde vape collection. Check all of them one by one, and compare the features that you find suitable for yourself.

1. Hyde N-Bar Disposable Vape Pen 4500 Puffs

Firstly, there is the most demanding Hyde N-Bar pen in a new Nord Style design. This disposable vape is enclosed with a 600mAh battery, and it is the finest for smoking 4500 puffs of vape pen. Gradient colors add further attractiveness to the product. Whenever you gasp, you will feel like you are above the sky. Hyde N-Bar is super attractive and delightful. Nicotine concentration is about 5% and an offering of up to 4500 puffs. You will get every flavor in this pod, from Blue Razz to OJ and Aloe Grape.

2. Hyde REBEL Disposable Vape Pen 4500 Puffs

The second rank is given to the Hyde Rebel vape stick. It is the slickest disposable vape pen introduced by Hyde until now. Its battery voltage is similar to an N-bar vape pen, which they claim is suitable for up to 4500 puffs! From the flavor list, it offers 19 different tastes. Physically, it is cylindrical in shape, and the bumpy texture on the surface enhances the gripping. The vapor production and overall performance are great. With plenty of flavors in choice, it offers 12 flavors, including peach lemon, Mango, Tropical, Apple Grape, and many more. The battery power is around 600mAh, which is quite good. You will comfortably spend a couple of days without running out of battery, so it’s still a great option among disposable vape sticks.

3. Hyde MAG Disposable Vape Pen 4500 Puffs

Hyde MAG Disposable vape holds an attractive look, but it works even better. It comes up with a rechargeable 500mAh battery, which is quite a plus point. It is among the most pulsating ones from the Hyde Vape brand and the airflow trigger. It is classy and reliable, thanks to its unique portable design, great workflow, longer battery lifespan, and great puff counts. It comes up with prefilled 10ml E-liquid and 5% Tobacco-free Nicotine, and they will last for up to 4500 puffs, so you will not be rushing to the shop daily. Hyde Mag comes in a massive 15+ flavors such as Strawberry B-day, Lemon ice cream, etc. I like fruity vapes that you’re not likely to be disappointed with.

4. Hyde Retro RAVE Disposable Vape Pen 5000 puffs

Heavy vapers usually prefer higher puff counts. And Retro Rave disposable vape from Hyde is considered the right choice for them. The Retro RAVE can be recharged. This disposable vaping stick comes with more puffs and an LED that will light up while turning the device on or turned off. The LED is enough to light up your room. You will find the buttons on the vape pen bottom. It offers a huge puff count of around 5000 puffs which is ravishing. Battery timing is also good with 500mAh power, and it can be recharged through the micro-USB cable as well. E-liquid capacity is around 6ml with 5% nicotine as standard. Coming in a selection of flavors from Energize, to Sour Apple Ice, and Cola Ice, you will enjoy them.

5. Hyde Edge RAVE Disposable Vape Pen 4000 Puffs

Hyde Edge RAVE disposable vape is an upgrade version of Hyde Edge. It possesses a rotating airflow button and an outstanding LED Light that winks when switched on or turned off. Both the buttons are sited at the vape pen bottom. A combination of both 5% tobacco-free nicotine and 10ml of E-liquid holds the count of 4000 puffs. You’ll get the long-lasting 600mAh rechargeable battery and the multiple flavors that will help you enjoy the vaping journey. You can pick them up from Honeydew Punch, Pineapple Ice, Blue Razz, Pina Colada, Sour Apple Ice, and many more.

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We have enlisted the top five vape pens from the Hyde vape family. All of them are building a good graph in the market and none of them claimed any issues until now. Thanks for reading out the whole content and we hope it eases your finding, and you can get any of these Best Top 5 Disposable Vape Pens from Hyde to enjoy vaping!

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