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Best Software Products For Business Travelers

Travelling and business are two inseparable things in today’s world. Just like mobile gadgets and business management. Today the main gadgets that are used by businessmen are laptops, netbooks, tablet and smartphones. Thanks to the development of mobile technologies, modern tablets and smartphones have almost the same productivity and are close to replace ordinary laptops.  But they haven’t done it yet.

That’s why the demand on the software that would make the business management, analytics and planning easier and faster is growing rapidly. Usually such programs have the wide range of functions and they are not free for use, however, the advantages of such soft (time saving, the number of operations performed, etc.) cover the expenses.

And now let me present you some products that can be successfully used by business people who travel a lot.


The program (that is supported by Linux, Windows and Mac) can boast of the following features:

  • Desktop sharing and collaboration (you will get an opportunity to share your desktop with your colleagues in real time no matter what operating system they or you use)
  • Skype integration (no comment is needed)
  • Teleconferencing that will allow you to meet people no matter at what point of the world you are.
  • Presentation tools (the software provides the opportunity to record the meetings and use the records later in presentations, for example)
  • Shared file space


Making presentations is a very common thing in any business. And travelling abroad often means unexpected conference or meeting where you need to make a quickly-made presentation. And in this very case SkyRocket comes to help. The software product has the following functions:

  • Making a dynamic presentations online
  • Presentation import
  • Staff collaboration
  • Presentation sharing and securing
  • Data import from Google Spreadsheets, Yahoo! Finance and Twitter live feeds

SuperSaaS and ReQall

If you are a boss, you usually hold lots of meetings and you have lots of various appointments that are traced by your secretary. But when you are abroad there is no person who would do it. That’s why having SuperSaas online software installed on your mobile gadget will keep you informed about the incoming events. Besides the function of simple scheduling, the program requests for the appointment confirmation and it does it in 25 languages. What is more pleasant is that the app is free.

ReQall is another program that can works as your personal secretary informing you about the latest updates, upcoming meetings, trends, and other types of notifications.

Of course, the market of software is full of other products that can perform the similar functions, but the main reason I chose these ones is that these three programs may perform the functions that would be done by 10 other applications. So why to install and spend more than it is necessary? I think that’s a rhetoric question, isn’t it?

Written By

This post is written by Katerina Merzlova, a Chief Marketing Officer from SumatoSoft, a software development company. We see the big picture, leverage the expertise and extensive experience to provide clients with end-to-end technological web, mobile, and IoT solutions.



  1. Evan

    February 27, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Thanks for sharing) The reviews are always welcomed. You are right travelling would be hard without any modern device) And if you are a boss you should always be updated with the latest info. Will keep these apps in mind!

  2. Katerina Merzlova

    February 27, 2013 at 10:58 am

    I’m glad that you liked my review, Evan. Travelling time is coming and I hoped it will be useful for all readers to find out about these products.

  3. James

    March 2, 2013 at 10:05 am

    This is something I was hunting for. I have tried using Yugma and had a great experience with it. I was searching for good software so that I can build my presentation in a handful amount of time and gladly I came across your post. SkyRocket sounds to be interesting and I am definitely going to use it. Thanks for sharing this post! It turned out be really helpful and informative one for me.

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