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Best Golf Apps!


I know golfers are some of the first to catch up with technology. That said, I compiled here some of the best free apps out there. While none of these can compare to the real experience of swinging your clubs or covering your cart with a golf cart cover, they sure can while away your time outside of the course. A little warning though: each one of these can be highly addictive. So enjoy!

GolfLogix GPS

Easily one of the most popular golf apps out there. It has been around for a while now and has been the app of choice for many a swinging hobbyist, as well as serious player. Some of its features include four-player scoring with stats and a real-time streaming of golf news.

My Pro To Go

With My Pro To Go you will be able to document your swing and actually send it, which a certified GolfTEC coach with then evaluate.

PGA Tour Caddie

With this popular app you will have the ability to experience around 40, 000 courses all over the world. Useful tips and exercises await the purchased version.

Swing by Swing Golf GPS

If you’re looking for an app where you have the opportunity to track your progress, this is the way to go. Swing by Swing Golf GPS features graphs and stats that are useful to the average golfer, and even the more seasoned ones.

Who’s Your Caddy

Another useful app for a golfer of any level. Here you can get tips from pros. The name itself is witty enough to elicit interest, and surely, it does not disappoint.

WGT Golf Lite

The internet’€™s most successful golf game is now on your fingertips. Though it does not allow you to do full stroke play, it still managed to bring its success from the net to the mobile world.

Super Stickman Golf

Golfers love mobile games. No really, they do, and Super Stickman Golf is one of their favorites. Its 250 levels will definitely have you wanting more.

Golf Shot

If you are into keeping stats and scorecards, then get yourself this app. With Golf Shot, you will get round-for-round emails which you can also share.

Nike Golf 360

The one thing that separates Nike Golf from the lot is its access to golf-specific exercises and other workout videos. For this reason alone, this app became popular to golf aficionados.

Golf Frontier

Many golfers consider this the ultimate, all-inclusive golf app. So comprehensive is Golf Frontier that many say it is the one golf app you will ever need, and I couldn’€™t agree more. If you are looking to have only one golf app, Golf Frontier is it!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Abhay

    November 25, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Great way to find the golf clubs nearby and the apps really looks promising.The Thing is I don’t play Golf so it is no use for me.

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