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Best Comedy Club in London

When looking for the best comedy in London, look no further than the Big Belly Comedy Club. It is one of many different comedy clubs in London, offering a different comedian every night of the week.

There are various reasons it is the best club in London; below, we will discuss some of the reasons that the Big Belly Comedy Club is the best.

Known Comedians 

Famous comedians from all over the world have performed here, from Jack Whitehall to Katherine Ryan. Comedians from all different backgrounds made famous on different shows, come to perform at the London-based club

Offering a range of different comedians from different places, cultures, and backgrounds gives the Big Belly Comedy Club a new and diverse approach. Nothing is too much or too different; everyone is welcome, no matter their tastes.

Whether you want to see someone who is known for their comedy routines or you want to see someone new, this is also possible at the Big Belly Comedy Club. All different people come to the club to see comedians perform, regardless of whether they are renowned for their stand-up or someone just starting.

Key Location

Located in what used to be the Vauxhall Centre on the Southbank of London, it is the heart of London. Thirty seconds from train and bus stations, this diverse club can be accessed by almost anyone.

Not only is there a permanent location for the comedy club, but they also have a pop-up club regularly in Peckham, barely a minute’s walk from Peckham Rye Train station. So, if you are nearby, why not stop in and see who you will see onstage?

Within walking distance from most train stations means no matter how you travel to get there, you will not need to walk for long, an easy and affordable night out.

Age Limits

Unfortunately, for some, this is an over 18’s club only. Unlike some comedy clubs that may allow children, the Big Belly Comedy Club does not. It is the perfect place to go with your partner or friends for a child-free, care-free night of laughter and entertainment.


Although it is possible to buy tickets at the door, it is much easier if you book in advance; that way, you can see who is performing and ensure you have seats. Being able to book does make it easier for you to plan a night out with friends, find a night you are all free, and enjoy yourselves with a drink.

Whether you want to buy tickets for a friend or just buy a gift card so they can book their preferred show, this is also possible with gift cards available from £20, or you can select how much you would like to put on. Tickets for shows depend on the day; information can be found on their website.


Big Belly Comedy Club is one of the most diverse comedy clubs around, and with shows every night, how can you deny yourself the experience of sitting with your friends and having a good time?

Laughter is a medicine that many people enjoy when feeling down, so get yourself out of the house and go to a fantastic comedy club with your friends and see who you find.

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