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Best Android SMS Replacement Apps Available for Free on Google Play


The stock SMS app can be boring and without any personalization or customization features. If you want to replace it, I’€™m going to present you the best ones that are free and available on Google Play.

Chomp SMS and Textra

Chomp SMS is a well featured and one of the most famous SMS replacements on Google Play. It has over 166k ratings and around 10 million downloads. I’€™ve used it and I got to say that I’m satisfied with the features it offers, although they can be found in the other SMS replacement apps. The features like SMS backup, SMS block or the neat pop-up reply are some of the cool things I liked about this app. Also, the customization is great as you can find numerous nice looking themes. Textra is the little brother of Chomp SMS (it is created by the same developers). Actually, Textra is the lighter and faster little brother, with the ability to go through MMS pictures without separately opening them, like you have to do in other SMS apps.


Pansi is another fast and reliable SMS replacement app with wonderful design. It has over 29k ratings and average rating of 4.3. It is maybe the lightest and cleanest SMS app on this list, but there are some features that are lacking. For example there is no ability to block unwanted SMS (spam). However, when compared to the other SMS apps, Pansi is very small in size and extremely fast, so I would recommend it to the phones with less storage capacity and less RAM memory.


Go SMS Pro is the most popular and most used SMS replacement app, with over 697k ratings and average rating of 4.4. That is maybe due to the brand name and the popular developers team of GO Launcher EX. Nevertheless, GO SMS Pro is surely quality and offers tons of features. I think, however, that its best advantage is the 200+ themes it offers. That makes this app very customizable and neat looking. Like the most SMS apps it has auto-reply, SMS blocker, automatic scheduling and SMS back up.

Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS is the other extremely popular SMS replacement with over 487k reviews and average rating of 4.4. Some of the interesting features it offers are sending of eCards for holidays and birthdays, over 4000 themes, changing of backgrounds and some other cool personalization features.

I’ve used all of these SMS replacement apps and I’ve stick to GO SMS Pro the most. However, I think that they are all good choice and that your choice will pretty much depend on your taste and how the selected app will function on your phone. The features are pretty much the same in all of these apps.

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I'm Dave Jamison. Founder and editor of Intellectuapp - website about the best Android apps

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