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Bespoke Dress Shirts For Every Man

Bespoke shirts are the most trending thing in men’s fashion. The very feeling of wearing a shirt that is made for you is matchless.  Your confidence will boost up and you will be noticed by everyone, it puts a positive impact. Nothing puts a best impression like a custom made dress shirt.

It’s a fact men come in all sizes and shape, so buying off-the-rack doesn’t works well for everyone and the alteration costs along with the cost of the shirt makes it pretty expensive. A bespoke shirt is made particularly for your body type and it comes at a decent price, it doesn’t leave your pocket empty.

What Is A Bespoke Shirt?

Many people are not aware of what a bespoke shirt is, so they are not really into buying it. Let me give you a simple and brief explanation of what a bespoke shirt is? It is a shirt that is made especially for you and only you. The experience of owning bespoke clothing is a great one. Your tailor will carefully create the shirt and each part of the shirt is unique for the client from the thread color, fabric to pattern. Going bespoke is not expensive like earlier, when it was released earlier it was expensive, but now the trend of owning bespoke clothes is becoming common so it is no longer expensive as there are many online stores that offer custom made shirts.

Key Benefits Of Wearing Bespoke Dress Shirts


I’m highlighting this part as it plays a huge role in making the decision for buying bespoke shirts. Discard this thought from your mind that custom made dress shirts are only to be owned by well-off, that was how it worked earlier. Now everyone can afford a bespoke shirt as they range from $24.90 – $65.90. Bespoke dress shirts come with a choice of 500 different fabric selections, sleeves, cuffs and colors and other unparalleled design features. That’s the price at which you will hardly find an off-the-rack shirt that doesn’t even fit you properly.


What is the main aim of a custom fit shirt and why you need it? The main aim is to provide you with clothes that perfectly fit you. This point comes second as after the price, fitting matters a lot. The main reason to buy a custom made dress shirt is because of the personalized fit that you get.


Custom made shirts give you the power to design your own shirts. There are various designs available through which you can craft your shirt or you can always give your selected tailor the design you want to be created. Each part of your dress shirt can be customized and you can select from fabric, color, design, collars, cuffs, buttons and lapels.


For every man custom dress shirts is all about looks and style. Among all the other reasons, this is also another reason why men opt for bespoke dress shirts, as they want personalized and unique look which only can be achieved with bespoke clothing.

These were some basic advantages of bespoke dress shirts; let’s go into details that how a custom made dress shirt is made.

Every online custom making dress shirt store follow a very similar process, where the client gets to design their own shirt, every feature of the shirt can be customized, here is the process that many online custom clothing store follows.

  1. First you need to select the fabric and the number of material you need (if you are ordering more than one shirt). Once you select the fabric and color you proceed to the next step.
  1. In this step you design your shirt as per your liking every aspect of the shirt can be customized from cuffs, sleeves, collars, pocket style, front and back design and any other addition that you want to make. If you want the same design on the other fabric that you have selected just mark the option of copy this style.
  1. In this step you have to submit your measurements, from height to weight you need to mention everything so that your shirt is properly stitched.
  1. In the last step you have to put in all your personal details to process the checkout. You get a call from the clothing store to confirm the order once it’s confirmed your order is the processed.

Online Custom Shirt Tailor’s: The Best Choice

Till now you are aware that online clothing stores are becoming common and buying custom made clothes is also becoming a common practice. Through online tailoring you get almost same services as a personal tailor. Of course there are few drawbacks like you don’t get to feel the fabric, but you do get multiple fittings, hence bespoke is considered a better option than off-the-rack shirts. Here are few online tailors that I will recommend.

  • Indochino – Indochino was launched in 2007 by two friends from University of Victorica. They have made quite a name for themselves and come in the top online menswear brand. They offer personalized clothing and their prices range from $99-$170.
  • CustomStitchers – CustomStitchers is a new comer in the online custom shirt industry. But in a short time they are getting a grip on the market. They have a simple and easy to follow design module for placing an order, which I really like. The prices are quite reasonable as well ranging from $80 – $110.
  • ProperCloth – Propercloth is another very famous online clothing brand. They have a very intensive design tool with crisp visualization. Their fabric quality and style options are fabulous and the prices range from $80 to $165.

Feel free to send in your comments and share your personal experience relating any custom shirt store that you have tried and I’m not aware of them. I would love to hear about other custom tailoring brands.

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