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Benefits of JSP Programming

JSP hosting provides web designers several different Java hosting options, including the ability to manage and use Java Server Pages (JSP). What is also nice is that JSP and ASP hosting are very similar, so if you understand one, it won’t take you long to move to the other. JSP also features many other benefits.

First, JSP makes use of some very simple codes that you simply insert into HTML or XML pages. These codes allow the creation of interactive web pages that, because they are created using Java, will run on any platform. This gives businesses the ability to reach all customers, no matter if they are using Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or any other operating system. JSP hosting makes it incredibly easy to publish these pages, so there is no hassle anywhere.


JSP allows for dynamic pages to be created by the server, plus you can create static pages that feature dynamic sections as well. This means you can include the same banner and other information on one part of the page and then a section of the page created by the user’s input on another part. This means you do not have to repeat the static code over and over, which is one of the main features of JSP hosting. The coding is much more efficient, and it takes less work to make the same type of websites.

Another nice feature of JSP hosting is that you do not really need to know Java to make use of it. All you need to do is learn the tags and codes to insert into your HTML or XML sites. These codes are all pretty simple and intuitive. There’s no need to hire a programmer to write servlets. In fact, JavaScript can’t provide the same amount of dynamic creation that JSP can. It’s actually fairly limited when it comes to dealing with client-side dynamics. You can also build your site’s design and content separately, allowing both tasks to be done at once. This can save you some time and makes updating easier.

Why choose JSP over ASP? Well, ASP was created by Microsoft, and some of its more advanced features will only work on Windows servers. With JSP, that’s not an issue – every feature works on all platforms. This means you can easily move your website from server to server without any concern.

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