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9 Most Suitable Apps For Passionate Writers

Software developers always think about people’s needs before developing a certain app. For every line of work, you will definitely discover dozens of apps that could help you out. For an individual writer who is looking to improve his writing skills or a professional writer working for any dissertation writing service, the following apps will make you generate unique and incredible writing pieces:

  1. MindNode

The app is basically a mapped representation of those sudden bursts of thoughts. If you are planning on writing a novel or a story, start with labeling the center point of the map as the main plot and then the branches extend out talking about plots, characters etc. The map is color coded and customizable for the convenience of the users.

  1. Agent Obvious

Laurie Abkemeier was an editorial assistant before she became an editorial agent. The app consists of her insight, advice and suggestions from the world of publications. If you are willing to get your work published, which can be an extremely problematic task, even a bit of inside news can help.

  1. WordBook

WordBook is more than just your average dictionary. Writers always need new words to play around with.So, when you are stuck, just boot up the app and you will get the meanings, origins, synonyms, antonyms, sample sentences and a built in pronunciation option for every word. Could it get any better than this for a writer?

  1. SelfControl

The internet browser is an endless tunnel of websites. One minute you are working and the next minute you could be logged on to Facebook and lost in the distraction. SelfControl allows you to block any sites that can divert you from your work for over 24 hours so concentration does not waver. Writing time will remain your writing time and nothing else would be allowed during that time.

  1. Dragon Dictation

People are able to express their ideas in words quicker than they are able to type. Often times, while writing one sentence you forget the next but it is not going to happen anymore with this app. Dragon dictation is 5 times faster and converts your audio in to text or an email. So, next time just say the words and consider it done instead of moving your fingers.

  1. Evernote

Everything from important work articles to simple notes can be compiled on Evernote. You can download this app on all your devices, and all your work will be synced so you can access it at any time and anywhere. Evernote also includes a Presentation mode and a Web Clipper for saving online articles.

  1. Spice Mobile

Spice Mobile gives an edge to your articles by providing you with a broad collection of literature. Sometimes when you are feeling hopeless because you are out of ideas, Spice Mobile lets you go through the work of famous authors and poets so you can relate and come up with new ideas of your own accordingly.

  1. Poetreat

This is your heaven of rhymes. For every devastated poet out there who has trouble going from a blog to a frog, this app will solve all your problems. You can choose a rhyming scheme and the app will be able to provide you suitable rhymes to complete your poem.

  1. GoodReader

GoodReader is essential editing software for your phone when you can’t access your computer. For this, you just need to save your documents in PDF format then you can add notes, highlight the required sentences and label the parts that need editing. You will be surprised how you managed so long without it.

Writing has never been a piece of cake for anyone. Try one or more of these apps the next time you sit to work on a masterpiece, and you will be amazed to see how helpful the above mentioned apps can be for you.

Lara Pole works as an academician for an online firm. From time to time, she also writes blogs on a variety of topics, especially parenting, technology, etc. Catch her on G+

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Lara Pole works as an academician for an online firm. From time to time, she also writes blogs on a variety of topics, especially parenting, technology, etc

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