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The Benefits of Intelligent Charging

Keeping you network usage costs under control is not an easy process, but fortunately some forward thinking companies have come up with unique methods that allow you to be charged for precisely what you use. Allot Communications, a leading player in the network security and communications market, has developed an intelligent charging system that takes the concept far beyond those already available, and offers the chance to get complete control of usage costs across many different areas of the communications network. For cost savings, this system is essential for businesses, especially those in the small and medium-sized market sector.

intelligent charging

Allot aims to reduce the costs to its clients by implementing its Intelligent Charging service across the board; by allowing intelligent interpretation of the usage incurred, and by offering accurate measurement of over the top (OTT) applications in high speed networks, the client can be assured of paying for only that which has been used, and not being overcharged as a result. It is a welcome move in an industry that has a record for applying standard charges not based on usage but on contracts, and one that can save serious amounts of money for smaller businesses who may not be using anywhere close to the set limit.

A personalized service such as this – Allot’s version is known as ‘ChargeSmart’ – will help many users in the network and mobile data usage world keep track of expenditure and reduce costs. It is also designed to ensure reliable and accurate representation, and can be used to analyse where the costs are and how they can be easily reduced. Service optimization is the way forward as the world becomes even more reliant upon digital networks and integrated computer systems, and this sort of initiative is to be welcomed in a world of innovation and forward thinking.

Allot is a leading player in the internet and network security world and offers a variety of service including managed cyber security solutions. The company has a reputation or excellent and innovation, and ChargeSmart is just one of many services it can provide at sensible and competitive costs. Intelligent pricing will become more prevalent as systems such as this one are further developed, and it is worth taking a closer look at the system in order to assess its suitability for your business, so why not get in touch now and see how this clever cost-saving initiative can help you?

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Marketing Manager, Allot Communications.

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