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A Beginner’s Guide to Starting A Blog

The world of blogging offers abundant opportunities for people to express themselves, share important information and even earn money. A blog is simply your online journal or diary, where you convey, your thoughts, opinions, and feelings or possibly market your products.

Starting a blog can be interesting and profitable if you get the basics right, your blog can include images, hyperlinks to your site and videos.

Why you should create a blog

Blogging has turned out to be one of the preferred means of sharing information and news. There are an incredible number of blogs online than you could possibly imagine. Starting a blog could help you become a much better person and a more effective writer and most of all, you could make a huge sum of money blogging.

How to Start a Blog in 4 Steps:

Listed below are the 5 major steps you should follow to start a blog successfully.

  1. Choose your desired blog platform
  2. Choose web hosting for your blog
  3. Setting up a blog on your own domain
  4. Design your blog

Step 1 – Make a choice of your preferred blogging platform

Deciding on where you would like to build your blog is the very first thing you must do. Most bloggers build their blog on WordPress. It’s massive and by far one of the biggest blogging platforms globally, with limitless plugins and add-ons and practically unlimited ways to design and layout your blog. There are over 82 million active users of WordPress globally. There are also other platforms such as Blogger and Tumblr.

Step 2 – Self-hosting or a free alternative?

This is definitely the most important decision you’ll need to make before you proceed further. You must make a decision whether to pay for your blog or get a free one. WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger all offer free blogs. It’s great for those who don’t want to take the whole time blogging. However free blogs do have a few disadvantages: for instance creating a free blog with or any of the free platforms would make your website look ugly, example or and you are not really the legitimate owner of the blog.

On the contrary, with a self-hosted blog on your own domain name – you are the legitimate owner of your blog. You are at liberty to name your blog, for instance, “” or “ You can end it with practically any web suffix such as ‘’.com or .org’’. In addition, you could add unlimited bandwidth for videos, photos, and content.

Step 3 – Start a blog on your own domain (if you opted for self-hosting along with a custom domain)

You’ll have to create a domain name that appeals to you and also select a web hosting company that can host your blog.

Domain: The domain is simply the URL of your site. Examples: ( is the domain).

Hosting: Web hosting is essentially the company that pushes your site up on the internet so others are able to see it. All your stuff are going to be saved there. It is like a computer hard-drive on the internet where your blog is going to be saved.

Step 4 – Designing your WordPress blog

Word press blogs are relatively very easy to design, to pick out a new theme, you can go to Appearance > Themes and set up a free WordPress theme or you can go to a premium theme site, for example, and purchase a theme for about $40.

Ensure you pick out something that appears professional and fairly simple to customize. WordPress blogs have some impressive feature that allows you change themes with just a couple of clicks. Hence if you are fed up with your current blog template, you could just change to a new one without losing any valuable content or photos. Remember, your blog’s design should reflect both you and your personality

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