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Why Become A Reseller: Your Customers Want PGP Encryption

In today’s world, digital surveillance has become the new normal; every day it seems that there are new stories about governments infringing on the privacy of its own citizens or foreign nationals, rogue governments hacking into corporate emails, employers monitoring their employees, and corporate data breaches that have compromised the financial information of millions of people. That’s why BlackBerry devices, smartphones known for their high security, continue to be the first choice of security-conscious consumers, and many are turning to BlackBerry PGP encryption to guarantee that prying eyes are never able to read their emails or texts.

What is BlackBerry PGP encryption?

Ordinarily, when you send an email, the message goes to the recipient in plain text, but, especially when it’s sent through a wireless device like a BlackBerry, it can easily be intercepted. Your basic privacy is at stake when you send emails through a BlackBerry; cyber criminals can intercept personal and financial information and use it to fake your identity. Not only that, many phishing scams have become much more advanced in recent years, and criminals spy on business and individual emails to find out details to lend their scam credibility.

BlackBerry PGP encryption means that your plain text email is encrypted and is unreadable without the key pairing: your public key and the recipient’s private key. The recipient can only decrypt the email using your public key, which is encrypted and sent with the email, while the public key can only be decrypted by the recipient’s private key. Put simply: only the intended recipient can read the message, protecting your communications from intervening third parties.

Who provides it?

PGP encryption companies like Myntex work with resellers to get their service to customers, wherever they are in the world. Working through local resellers means that customers can install the software onto their existing devices, don’t have to wait for the SIM card to be shipped, and get to meet face-to-face with the reseller. If you’re interested in becoming a reseller and you have a well-established name and a reputation for security, you can also get white labelling deals with Myntex at no extra charge. Besides low wholesale costs for the reseller, another feature to look for in an encryption partner is an in-house data center. Too many providers rely on third-party, off-shore servers that can be vulnerable to infiltration, especially due to corruption concerns. Even the security of the IRS has been exposed because of third party hosting; go with a company like Myntex that exclusively uses an in-house data centre.

Who needs it?

There are dozens of reasons for using BlackBerry PGP encryption and all of them have to do with privacy. Everyone should have the right to communicate without fear of being under surveillance, and PGP encryption can give you that peace of mind. Anyone could be watching, including your employer, governments of countries where you do business, competing companies, or cyber criminals, and you risk everything from identity theft to customer data breaches and losing business plans when you don’t take the proper security measures. All of these factors are driving interest in technology that supports privacy; become a reseller with a BlackBerry PGP encryption company and provide peace of mind to your customers.

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