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How to Become a Good Android Developer

Have you ever dreamt of getting into android development? Well, to become a great android developer you must need two important attributes. Patience and passion. Along with these, you might also need a few tips on how you can bring your dreams into reality. There are some tips mentioned here which are general yet vital. Just like it has always been, there is never an easy way or a shortcut available. If you desire to become an android developer without putting in efforts, you might as well forget becoming one. Having an android studio is not enough. But if you can manage to put both your heart and hard work into it, you might be one of the best android developers someday. Go through these suggestions!

1) Formal education isn’t mandatory

The truth is you don’t have to graduate from an IT institute to become a good developer. If you have chosen the wrong path in your past, do not feel you have lost all hopes. You can still invest your time into learning the lessons of coding all on your own. The internet is a sanctuary of knowledge and you can reap most of your coding knowledge from there. You just need to learn how to look for it.

2) You can earn better only if you are the best

There are high chances you will fail if you chose android development only because people said it is an effortless way of making cash. If you do not love the android development, you are certainly going to get stuck somewhere down the line. You would not even get that money you thought you’d make with it. Don’t put yourself into misery by getting into something just because the money is involved. This is exactly how bad apps come out!

3) Endurance!

Do not quit. As an android developer you are certainly going to fail many times. Coding is actually about writing and later spending endless hours trying to make it happen. You need to endure your failure and keep going. Because there is only one way to win!

4) Know your device

If you wish to be a decent mobile developer, you need to regularly use your mobile device. You need to be sportive about downloading all the latest cool games and apps that are put up on the android store. That is where you can find your inspiration. Android development is enclosed in an array of guidelines. You need to be aware of them and that comes only through hands on experience of apps.

5) Be Zealous!

If you have cultivated android development as your hobby, rest assured you are on the right track. If you’ve never had proper education or commercial experience, landing upon a project might be difficult. Spend your time and zeal trying out new stuff. When you try making apps with new ideas that is when it clicks!

6) Risk it!

There would definitely be moments in your journey wherein you will find an easy path to accomplish the task or find a difficult way of trying out something new. This isn’t referred to only in terms of technology. You may have to step out of the usual domain and think out of the box. At the end of the day the kind of work you have done is what matters the most. It might be the road less taken. It might be the road never taken. But do not fall weak. You can and you must risk it.

7) Do not overlook GIT

It doesn’t matter which platform you are coding on, the GIT version control is that thing which you need to constantly use in each and every project you are working on. There is no way you can be very good at GIT. Probably, you can’t even master it. Because it is that vast. However, there is one thing you can do. Try and use it as much effectively as possible. GIT becomes more essential if you are working in a team!

8) Make your own way

You need to be open to the fact that there is nothing called as the best process for android development. This particular thing will change with every single project. If you are alone in this, work out well on your own and find ways that will work for you. Do not allow the process slow down your speed because it is worth it only if the process can systemize your job effectively.

In an ocean of millions of apps, there are only few apps that sail high and stay for a long duration at the top. If you have dreamt you are going to make an app of that sort, these are few advises you must be considering to go forward with!

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