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Are You Sure About Your Personal Computer Checks?

Today, availing of personal computer checks have become popular because it is more cost and time efficient. Unlike in traditional bank checks, computer checks or techchecks saves you more time in ordering and check-writing processes since you only need to input the information, print the check and that’s it.


However, one of the biggest issues involved is security. In order to protect yourself from identity theft, fraud and loss of funds among others, the following security features must be present in your personal computer checks.

  • Signature area and the amount line. These are printed using different pantograph backgrounds from the checks. The use of multiple pantograph background through various density settings on the copier produces VOID.
  • Watermark certification seal. Your computer check should have a subdued representation of a logo or word that is printed on the paper that can be viewed at an angle. Note that an EPA approved watermark cannot be photocopied.
  • Microprint endorsement line. Endorsement lines are formed through printed words that appear as a solid line under a naked eye. This cannot be replicated by copiers or scanners and is also being used in the US currency.
  • Invisible fluorescent logo. This can only be viewed with a black light, hence a useful tool to authenticate a negotiable instrument.
  • Chemical reactive paper. Personal computer checks printed on chemical reactive paper will make it difficult for someone to chemically alter the instrument without being detected.
  • Thermochromic icon. This is an image or icon that is printed using a thermochromic ink that reacts to any changes in the temperature. Unfortunately for fraudsters, the ink’s reaction to temperature cannot be replicated using a color copier or laser printer.
  • Embedded fibers. There are invisible and visible embedded fibers. Invisible ones can be seen only under ultraviolet light while the visible ones can be seen by the naked eye.
  • Warning bands. These are printed messages which show that security features have been incorporated for protection.

It is important to have these security features when availing personal computer checks. In this way, you are assured that personal information is secure and there are lesser chances of becoming a victim of theft or fraud.

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1 Comment

  1. Rohit

    June 26, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    thanks for introducing me with this information, I was unaware of the computer checks,, I belong to India and this thing is not practical yet. 🙂

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