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Are Water Rowers Easier than Concept 2?

Currently, Water Rower and Concept 2 are the most popular rowing machines on the global market. However, it is always challenging to compare these world-class rowing machines. The two options provide you with controlled conditions with specific intensity and rest periods. You can use your rowing machine in your home to improve your cardio and endurance. If you are thinking about getting a rowing machine, you need to choose the option that will be fit for you. While both the Water Rower and Concept 2 are excellent workout tools, they have some differences that can help you decide the right one for your home gym. Read on to discover whether Water Rowers are easier than Concept 2.

  1. Performance. Both options use unique mechanisms to simulate the rowing motion and create resistance. The Water Rower is water-powered, while Concept 2 is air-powered. Concept 2 has a fan that offers a smooth motion and greater versatility. Concept 2 uses a flywheel to provide the most responsive performance. When it comes to the Water Rower, the flywheel offers an experience close to rowing in a river. Apart from the sound of water sloshing, it helps you build momentum, thus recreating the rowing experience. The Water Rower is quieter than Concept 2. However, the performance is equally matched. So, the choice depends on your preference. If you prefer a fan-based rowing machine, Concept 2 is your equipment.
  2. Monitors and Training Options. Water Rowers and Concept 2 are both easy-to-operate. They both come with LCDs. You can also enjoy the included performance monitors that can help you keep track of your progress and provide pre-programmed workouts. Both machines come with WiFi connectivity that allows you to connect with various fitness apps. However, the Concept 2 performance monitor offers more advantages compared to the Water Rower monitor. The Water Rower requires a separate heart rate monitor, while the Concept 2 can use any compatible app to track your heart rate. The monitor in the Concept 2 is also backlit, which makes it easier to view the LCD screen.
  3. Comfort. Each machine comes with small seats that glide on a track without any noticeable friction. Both workout equipment also comes with large footrests and optional foot straps to increase your comfort. However, you will get more customization options with the Concept 2. Concept 2 allows you to adjust the height of your seat and position of the footrest. The handles of the Concept 2 are also bent at a ten-degree angle to provide more comfort while rowing.
  4. Design. The style and design come down to personal preference. Some people prefer the aesthetic of the Water Rower, while others may like the sleek frame of Concept 2. Concept 2 takes more space compared to the Water Rower. However, you can easily separate it into halves without any special tools. The Water Rower is a more decadent option due to its water tank. While the two machines have a wheel to increase mobility, Concept 2 is more comfortable to move around the room.
  5. Maintenance. Whichever machine you choose, you need to learn how to maintain your equipment. With the Concept 2, you need to oil its nickel-plated chain regularly. Without the oil, it may get rusty and challenging to glide. When it comes to the Water Rower, you need to change the water in the tank regularly. If you allow the water to stay for long, bacteria and mold may grow. Proper maintenance will also increase the lifetime of both machines.
  6. Fitness Level. Both machines allow you to adjust your training sessions. The Water Rower allows you to set the alarm to avoid watching the screen every few seconds. You can also use it for any fitness level. Concept two comes with various programs and can adapt to any fitness level, from novice to expert level. However, the Concept 2 is ideal for CrossFit and gym training sessions.
  7. Price. While both machines are high-quality, the Water Rower is more expensive compared to the Concept 2. However, if you want to spend more on a modern design and less noise, go for the Water Rower.

Choosing between Concept 2 and Water Rower may present a dilemma. However, when taken head to head, the Concept 2 is likely the best Rower. Concept 2 offers easier storage, mobility, and smooth operations. This machine will also push you in terms of performance.

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