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Apple Macs Now Targeted By Viruses

mac-anti-virusTo this day, Apple Mac owners have always boasted that it was more secured than Windows run computers especially as Apple computers don’t use anti-virus programs. However, it appears that due to its increasing popularity, the once strong immunity to viruses and malware could be waning. Just recently, security experts are warning Mac users of an increased threat from hackers and criminals who now find Mac as a more attractive target.

According to Graham Cluley, a spokesman for Sophos – an online security firm, ‘there has been a marked increase in malware aimed at Macs in the past few weeks’ with many seeking to take advantage of its apparent lack of anti-virus protection.

Examples of scareware programs targeting Mac users is ‘Mac Defender’ or ‘Mac Protector’ which infiltrates a Mac computer through a fake Google images result or an Internet pop-up designed to convince victims that their computer is infected by a virus. Once this malware is downloaded (with or without the users consent), the machine becomes breached.

Mac users therefore now have to be careful about Websites being visited and beware of disguised programs that appear genuine for the Mac OSX operating system. Furthermore, users should double-check before actually installing any unfamiliar programs on their Macs.

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Do you have an anti-virus program installed on your Mac?

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