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App Store Optimization and Mobile App Performance Move in Tandem

Combined iOS app store and Google play store, there are over 5 million mobile apps. In this sea of the mobile app development world, getting caught by the net laid by the users is one of the major issues faced by today’s mobile app publishers.

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Getting acquainted with various methods to market an application is vital for the success of an application. And, ‘App Store Optimization’ is one of the indispensable blocks of the mobile application marketing puzzle.

The major aim of app store optimization is app downloads, but there are other goals too which play an important role:

  • Strengthening brand exposure
  • User engagement
  • Collecting app reviews and ratings that are positive

Why App Store Optimization is a Vital Instrument to boost Downloads

As per a study by Forrester, general browsing in an app store is the most favored method to discover and download a new app and it holds the share of 63%. Hence, if app store optimization is not being employed to boost the app’s search ranking, then diversifying an additional marketing channel becomes a miss.

Spend time improving your app store optimization and witness the positive result by getting a top rank on the iOS app store or Google play store.

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The various factors employed by app stores to determine to rank are engagement, retention, reviews, and search optimization. Following are the few basics that are to be kept in mind for an effective app store optimization methodology:


The title of a mobile app is the foremost parameter that a user witness. Hence, it lays the first impression on a user’s mind. Using a keyword with heaviest search traffic in the title increases the search ranking of that title by 10.3%.

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Kudos to the title of this blog that attracted you to read it. Similarly, the title will draw users to the mobile application too. One of the best examples is the SoundCloud iOS mobile app. Its icon is subtle and simple with a precise word limit that is able to fit two important keywords – Music and Audio.



A description is another important but most overlooked parameter ignored by the mobile app development world. The reason behind it is that the app store algorithm ignores the description. But a mobile app is built with a user-centric approach and for users, description matters a lot.

As an app store algorithm ignores this factor, follow an indirect SEO approach for description. Focus on explaining the unique features and advantages of your product in the description. And remember a fact that only 2% of users ever click “more” to read beyond what they see. Hence, target to pitch your views in 252 characters and convince the user to download an app.


Subtitle written below the title in search results provides a mobile app developer with another opportunity to use more effective keywords. Although the words to be used are limited to 30 characters, but if used smartly, they can do wonders.


QR Reader for iPhone, for instance, uses the subtitle space effectively by using trending keywords in that particular genre. This gives the app a subtle look that can work quite well.

Reviews and ratings

Users make them familiar with an unknown app through ratings and reviews. Lower the rating, lesser are the chances to turn a visitor into a customer. According to a study, an average rating of the top 100 free apps in the App Store is 4 stars. This statistics clearly shows that quality matters a lot.

Once a user is done with downloading an app, always ask them for feedback. And make sure that you reply to feedback, whether positive or negative. Gather valuable user feedback and use them to improve the quality of your app.

Everything is going mobile- Don’t get left behind!

With an incessant increase of internet on mobile device globally and a decline in the usage of internet on the desktop, app search optimization is becoming an ideal strategy that needs to be prioritized. The mobile app is a common buzzword and an app store is filled with a plethora of options.

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A perfect amalgamation of a quality app and robust marketing fundamentals is vital to outsmart this aggressive competition. Without both getting juxtaposed, never expect the desired downloads and ratings to reach the top position of the app ranking. Optimize the app store and increase the conversions and ROI.

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Hi, I am James Wilson, I love writing on various topics, be it a technical or non-technical. I have started out as a quality analyst and moved onto business analysis, where I discovered my passion for information architecture, wireframes, and user experience. I have solid experience in business analysis and am now interesting myself in day researching rapid prototyping methods.

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