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Angular JS is Best Suited for Building Web Apps

Angular JS is among those frameworks that has gained popularity in the recent times. Among open source frameworks, Angular JS has indeed become the most preferred framework for developing modern web apps.

Since, the introduction of Angular 2, development in the open source framework has gone beyond browsers. The new feature in Angular JS offers robust and rich development of web apps and it is proving to be very useful to fulfill the requirements of web apps. Let’s explore the features of Angular JS and its benefits in developing web apps.

Two Way Data Binding Process

The JavaScript framework couldn’t just get any better. It is a brilliant feature integrated to JavaScript where “ng-model” is used to create a two way data binding. Here, in the Angular JS data binding creates a link between model and view. It binds the view to the model permanently. It also reduces refresh cycles where it saves a considerable amount of code. Also, there is two- way process where any changes made in the view will reflect in the model.

HTML Template

Yes, this is indeed the best part about Angular JS. This open source framework does not rely on any rendering engine but it uses .HTML files for its partials. The HTML templates are parsed in the DOM(Document Object Model) which is parsed by the browser. The DOM is now the input to the AngularJS compiler. The DOM template for rendering is called the Directives. And because the input here is Dom and not a HTML string, this makes Angular JS stand out from the other open source frameworks.

MVC Architecture

What makes Angular JS so interesting? It uses MVC architecture i.e. Model View Controller. But unlike the other framework using MVC architecture, Angular JS implements MVC by splitting your app into MVC components. It manages your app components and works in sync to keep it connected.

Dependency Injection

This feature makes Angular JS stand out from the other open source technologies. It enables web developers to develop, test and manage applications. The dependency injection comes handy in taking the traditional services from server-side to web apps on the client side. This reduces the load on the server side making the web application lighter and work faster.

And Angular JS can handle such dependencies in a very good fashion as it allows you to divide your web app into logical modules. Basically, these modules are dependent on each other and thus it can put in a format individually. This feature allows adding of particular dependency as a parameter to Angular JS service function.

Full Proof Testing

The testing is a crucial part with any open source framework. And Angular JS definitely offers the highest parameters for testing. The team wanted the code to be written in JavaScript to come with a strong set of tests. Since its introduction, Angular JS is designed by keeping testing aspect in mind to make it development convenient for web app developers. Thus, it is written so that every aspect can be tested and it comes with end to end and unite test runner setup. Go ahead, see how the testing works! I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Angular JS is Level Next!

With Angular JS becoming one of those frameworks that can make the most robust and modern web apps, even more IT Outsourcing opportunities are increasing for this framework. It is expected to improve in the future and give out even more interesting features. Make sure you are using the latest version of Angular JS.

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