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All You Need to Know about the PITAKA MagCase

In a world swiftly governed by technological advancements, it’s a common sight to see mobile devices at their best; from tablets to various smartphones including iPhones, and a significant number of smartphones. Little wonder, PITAKA – an innovative brand with a reputation of bringing high-end products to users,  released an aramid phone case to the market. The product, also known as the PITAKA MagCase for iPhone X can serve as a form of security and protection for the iPhone. Here’s why.

The PITAKA MagCase is the world’s slimmest and strongest phone case made of the most exquisite body armor material (aramid fiber). Aramid known fully as Aromatic Polyamide is a synthetic fiber with needed strength and high performance. It indeed tops the strength of steel five times over. This material is so tried and tested that it is used for body armor, supercars, and aircraft. Now it is offered in a MagCase for your I phone. Asides from its strength, aramid is known and loved for its high resistance to heat, elasticity, inability to conduct electricity, excellent resistance to abrasion and organic solvents, and its ability to be colored. In its pure form, aramids’ natural color is lightly golden. However, having been carefully processed, the PITAKA MagCase is offered in beautiful hues for users to choose from.

Despite being made of a bullet-proof material which is stronger than steel, the MagCase is still completely flexible. has the most amazing feel and fits perfectly. Consequently, users don’t have to worry about any sudden damage to their device when in use. That said, what else makes the PITAKA MagCase standout from other available iPhone X cases?

In addition, the PITAKA MagCase is widely loved for its non-slippery texture, vacuum forming and a soft baby coating. This soft touch releases certain pleasantness which makes users comfortably attached to their device all day long. There is also the beautiful (actual) weave that runs over the entire case and adds a pop to its look. There is nothing wrong with an extra something after all. To finish its look is the fine polishing it possesses. This feature primarily protects against scratches and ensures durability complimenting its stylish an sexy look.

Furthermore, one thing that is sure to get users hooked on the MagCase is the extent of its thinness. The case is thin and light as paper, but strong and durable as steel. It fits the iPhone X perfectly like it was crafted as an extra skin to adorn your device. There is neither an excess weight nor space plus access to all buttons is guaranteed ensuring there is absolutely no signal interference.

The camera cut out is also thoughtfully elevated and also installed is an extra protective ring to protect your camera glass or lenses from improper contact with harsh surfaces. Also added to the interior are metal plates which do not meddle with the wireless charging capacity of the Pitaka MagCase. Indeed, the MagCase is wireless charging friendly and compatible with the MagMount Qi.

To summarise, the Pitaka MagCase is unique and elegant, adequately made with the understanding that you hold your phone as a significant part of the day if not all day. To this end, only the best phone case with a minimalist design would guarantee the comfort and protection that your device requires.

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