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All You Need to Know about Powder Coating Services

Powder coating services need to comply with the environmental forms so that it doesn’t harm the environment. There are various kinds of coating offered. Choosing the right kind of coating is essential.

The techniques of painting have evolved over a period of time and now we see more and more use of powder coating services. Powder coating means that when finely grounded particles of pigment are charged and sprayed on electrically grounded objects. It is a dry finishing process. It was first introduced in North America in the late 1960s.

Using good quality of powder coating is essential to maintain high quality, improved efficiencies, good for the environment and long-lasting. Powder coating services need to comply with the environmental forms so that it doesn’t harm the environment. There are various kinds of coating offered. Choosing the right kind of coating is essential. With technological advancement, powder coating services has been doing wonders for the powder coating companies.

Advantages of powder coating services:

  • It helps in resisting scratches, reduces corrosion and reduces abrasion.
  • Powder the coating gives a more uniformed coating and coloring.
  • Powder coating almost does no harm to the environment. It helps in reducing the expenditure to buy costly pollution control types of equipment.
  • The durability and curing time of powder coating is much higher compared to the liquid coating.
  • Powder coating provides some of the finest finishes which is impossible to achieve with other kinds of coating.
  • Powder the coating is very thin, which makes it almost impossible to recognize.
  • Almost 100% of powder coating can be recovered, which makes it different from others. It can be reused in other powder coating services.
  • Powder coating protects the roughest, toughest and oldest machinery as well as the daily use of household items.
  • It lasts for a long time

Types of powder coating:

  • Thermoplastic Powder Coating- Thermoplastic powder coating requires to be melted when the heat is applied, which in turn possesses chemical and mechanical strength with cooling. It not only helps in reducing corrosion but also does no harm to the environment. If they are re-heated, then they can be liquefied.
  • Thermosetting Powder Coating- It is almost similar to thermoplastic powder coating except that in this case, the chemicals react with other reactive components. Unlike thermoplastic powder coating, this cannot be liquefied because it is heat stable.

Powder coating services:

  • Preheating the parts- It is the first step in powder coating services. Before you begin, you need to clean the surface and get rid of grease, dust, oils and other contaminations on the surface to be coated.  There are various chemicals and mechanical methods to remove the dust and impurities. The coating process depends on the type of material to be coated, impurities to be removed and the chemicals required for the coating.
  • Cleaning the surface to be coated- There are various methods to make sure that the surface to be coated is also clean. Cast steel shot or steel grit can be done. Sandblasting is a process to bring texture on the surface. All of it depends on the chemical composition, density, size or shape of the substance.
  • Apply the coating on the surface- While there are a variety of methods to apply the coating, the most common of all being using an electrostatic gun. With the help of mechanical or compressed air spraying, the gun sprays the chemicals on the object. Using the right kind of nozzle will depend on the object to be coated with.


Powder Coating Services are provided by various companies. They can be contacted both online as well as visiting their offices. In the modern era, powder coating has become a huge business for the people. Powder coating is applied to almost every kind of product, plus it is available in almost every color.

People are choosing products with powder-coated services because of the finishing it provides. The demand for powder coating has been increasing the only day by day. It required in almost every field now and you can find prominent powder coating service providers around you; the only thing is that you need to choose the one who is experienced and well-acquainted with the process of powder coating.

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