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Alexander Walker – Blockchain Expert and Writer for Web3Domains

Meet Alexander Walker (aka Cryptoreporter.eth), a blockchain expert and digital trailblazer.

As a User Interface Designer, Consultant, and International Speaker, the 25-year-old entrepreneur is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs in the blockchain sector by assisting them in growing and developing their startups and small businesses.

But Alex’s impact doesn’t stop there. As a writer for, an online publication that covers the latest news and developments in decentralized domains, user names, and digital identity, Alex is at the forefront of educating and informing the public about the limitless potential of blockchain domain names. His work has earned him recognition as a guest speaker for the Black Data Processing Association and his projects have been presented at NFTNYC.

With just two years of experience in the blockchain industry, Alex’s passion for the technology was ignited by Ron Klein, the creator of the credit card strip. It was then that he started to explore the different uses and possibilities for the technology and really expanded his knowledge on the subject.  Alex quickly became an expert in this field and now shares his expertise with clients, helping them to unlock the potential of blockchain technology and the opportunities it offers for the future. He draws inspiration from the world of innovation around blockchain technology, understanding that digital identities are one of the fastest-growing communities within the NFT ecosystem.

At, the team of highly skilled journalists are dedicated to providing readers with the information they need to gain insight and understanding about blockchain domain names and the impact of digital identity on the crypto space.  The online publication’s mission is based on the belief that digital identity may be the key to crypto’s mass adoption. Crypto enthusiasts, celebrities, and companies are leaning into the web3 space and finding opportunities within its ecosystem, and reach out to consultants like himself to educate themselves on the topic.

Alex understands that there is a learning curve in understanding blockchain, digital identity, and web 3. Still, his passion for the technology and the support of those already proficient in the space kept him going. That dedication led him to be featured in articles such as Digital Journal and podcasts like 

Looking towards the future, Alex plans to continue growing his consulting business and speaking publicly about digital identity and blockchain technology, with the ultimate goal of developing with the Web 3 community as it becomes mainstream. He’s proud to announce that he will be a speaker at NFT NYC 2023. Follow him on Twitter (@notheralexander) and Instagram (decency.eth) to stay updated on his latest insights and developments.

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