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AirAsia Popular Low Cost Airlines for Domestic and International Travel

With the fast-rising trend of no-frills air carriers, it’s now cheaper to take off on a weekend or holiday. Whether you want to just relax in another city or fly internationally, these airlines make it easier to travel and enjoy huge discounts on flights.

Based on the analysis, the proliferation of budget airlines is growing steadfastly. It is inviting more competition and improving the intensity of rivalry in the industry. Their existence has even threatened full-service carriers to launch their budget carriers due to their profitability.

Another advantage of flying with no-frills is that you’ll expect a special discount on regular airfare. This is very good for individuals who travel frequently and who love to explore plenty of places. As they offer a one-way ticket option, you’ll have greater savings on your fares as they are usually cheaper.

The Asian No-Frill airline is a leading low-cost airline that is recognized for bringing the lowest airfare in Asia and other countries. It was incepted with the premise of making travel possible for everyone. It operates domestically and internationally in over 400 destinations in 25 countries. It is affiliated with Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thai AirAsia, with its primary hub located at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia.

Destinations Served By AirAsia

Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan (the Republic of China), India, Australia, Laos, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom are among the countries served by the low-cost carrier. It is currently expanding its scope of covered locations to accommodate its growing number of passengers worldwide.

Flying with Asia’s low-cost airline provides huge cost savings. But what is more enjoyable and intriguing is that you also get the chance to experience the excellent service that you often see on high-class carriers. Regardless of which travel class you choose, the renowned affordable carrier offers a comfortable cabin layout for everyone.

Passengers can comfortably rest on the extra-wide seats that are equipped with more space for legs and a headrest. Your trip will be more satisfying with their flavorful international dishes, plus loads of light snacks, beverages, and even alcoholic drinks.

Travel Classifications


Reach your destination with the comfortable leather seats of the car.

Hot Seats

These seats are given to guests who have availed of the option before their flight. Hot seats are ideal for passengers who are searching for extra leg room, proximity to exit doors, and nearby lavatories.

Premium Economy

These seats are equal to business class and they boast features including added leg room, wider seats, meals, drinks, and checked-in baggage.

AirAsia Booking

Travelers can now book their tickets up to 4 hours before their flights. You can easily book at the official site of AirAsia online. However, travel agencies are not permitted to sell tickets that are scheduled to depart within 24 hours of their flight. If you want to check the PNR status of your flight ticket, then don’t worry. You can check AirAsia’s PNR status from its online portals too.

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