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5 Ways of Grouping Workshop Tickets by Packages

When you are organizing a workshop, it’s always recommended that you organize the tickets in different packages. In addition to making more money from the sales, different packages give the workshop attendees many options to choose from.

There are many types of packages that you can go with. The most popular being:

The premium package

The package is for people that are enthusiastic and excited about the workshop and are willing to pay more to have a good experience. To satisfy such attendees you should offer additional benefits in their tickets. The benefits include: a good sitting position, access to exhibitions, priority in event merchandise, and face to face conversation with guest speakers. As rule of thumb, these tickets should go at a higher price than the regular ones.

Regular package

They are the most popular as they are affordable. The tickets allow attendees to pass the gate and access most parts of the workshop. A regular attendee will enjoy the workshop but will have limited access to exclusive aspects of the workshop. For example, the regular attendee won’t be able to sit in the front seats. While the tickets are regular and cheap, they shouldn’t be cheap looking. To show that you value the attendees, ensure that the tickets are professionally designed.

Day packages

Some workshops will be held over a number of days or as much as a week. There are those people who will be interested in attending the workshop but may not be able to avail themselves every other day of the workshop. You should, therefore, create tickets that allow attendees access to the workshops on days they will be available. During the ticket sale, mention what will be happening on each day so that such attendees may choose wisely based on what they regard as important. In addition to these tickets bringing inconvenience, they also have been shown to increase sales.

Group package

Nowadays, people attending workshops and seminars as groups have discounted tickets. Most event organizers will discount tickets for groups larger than ten people. The discounts on group tickets encourage more people, especially corporate and business groups to attend the workshop. Since more people will be attending the event, you not only have higher chances of raising more money from it but also make it a success.

Accommodation package

Is the workshop going to last more than a day? Are there attendees from out of town? If so you can team up with popular hotels in the area and offer accommodation tickets. These tickets not only offer the attendee access to the workshop, they also cover their hosting costs.


Grouping workshop tickets in different packages ensures that the needs of different people are catered for thus increasing the chances of your event being a success. When registering workshop attendees, capture their details electronically in order to have data of all the people attending the event. Capturing the details electronically also makes it easy for you to communicate with the attendees after the event.

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