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Agriculture Under TDP Governance

Andhra Pradesh is the fifth-largest state in the country in terms of geography and population. The agricultural sector accounts for 19 percent of the state’s Gross National Product (GDP). The agriculture sector employs 64.55 percent of the people. The state government is giving great importance to the agriculture sector which plays a vital role in our economic progress. There is a need to increase agricultural production in line with the growing population. That is why the state government has introduced many schemes for the welfare of farmers who are the backbone of the country. Along with the new agricultural system, many revolutionary developments have taken place in recent times. Keeping in view the drought that is plaguing the state. The TDP Government had ruled the state for more than a decade under the presence of the founder NTR and is continued by Nara Chandrababu Naidu with a vision for the future of the state and made it possible for the future generations with the help of many Top TDP Leaders and Best TDP MLA Candidates.

  • The government has taken many special programs. In 2002-2003, 104.86 lakh tonnes of food grains were produced under adverse conditions.
  • A production target of 166 lakh tonnes of food grains has been set for the year 2003-2004.
  • For the years 2003-2004 term loan is Rs.1514 crore and the crop loan is Rs.9668 crore. 2 Agricultural Advisory Centers are being opened in each district.
  • In 2002-2003, 14.87 lakh quintals of various types of seeds were supplied. It is proposed to supply 14.49 lakh quintals of seeds during 2002-2004.
  • It is proposed to supply 22,40 metric tonnes of fertilizers in 2003-04.
  • 25030 farmer’s clubs have been established in the state. 4030 farmers’ clubs have been strengthened by providing 60.45 lakh rupees at the rate of 1500 rupees per club.
  • The program ‘Rythu Mitra’ is aired on Teja TV for an hour every day.

They are answering the queries of the farmers over the phone for half an hour. Other agricultural features are recorded and broadcast for half an hour in TDP’s latest news. 30582 blackboards have been set up in the villages to benefit the farmers. Agriculture officers and AEOs, when they visit the villages, add useful information to the farmers on these blackboards. Agricultural advisory services are provided through farmers’ organizations and voluntary organizations. Special teams have been formed for major crops like grain, groundnut, cotton, etc. to prevent pests A.P. in 2003-04. Under the Micro Irrigation Project, it has been decided to provide sprinklers and drip irrigation facilities to 40 thousand hectares of crops.

Various programs have been undertaken to emphasize the need for the economical use of water resources. An action plan has been prepared for the year 2003-04 under the Water Awareness Programme. A large-scale campaign will be undertaken to sensitize farmers on water conservation. In all the training programs organized by the Department of Agriculture, the subject of water conservation is also included.

Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu is a visionary who is obsessed with efficiency and technology. Under TDP Government the state of Andhra Pradesh went through the most significant development in the history of the state. The TDP Leaders who worked for the people and the limitations of the state government helped the state achieve many development programs and this led to many projects which allowed the state of Andhra Pradesh where it is now.

Minimum Support Prices

The government is paying special attention to providing minimum support prices to the farmers. 33.22 lakh tonnes of rice was collected in 1990-91 and 71.22 lakh tonnes of rice was collected in the year 2000-2001 which was never before. Common variety is Rs 530 per quintal and Grade A is Rs 560 per quintal. A total of 348 procurement centers have been set up across the state under the auspices of FCI, State Civil Supplies Corporation, and Markfed. FCI to get support price for farmers State Civil Supplies Corporations to tender. Steps have been taken to participate. FCI With the millers not rejecting grain that does not conform to the Orders that have been issued to accept. F.A.Q. He directed people to buy grain at a minimum support price. Collectors were directed to take measures like blacklisting under A.P. Rice Procurement Order (1984) against those who did not do so. As stocks of tobacco accumulated in the state, a ‘tobacco crop holiday’ was announced to avoid a crisis in the tobacco market. The research and analysis units of the marketing department monitor the grain price from 225 market centers every day.

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