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Add WhatsApp Share Button in your WordPress Site to Reap Business Benefits

As we all know, WhatsApp is on the top list of social networking and messaging websites. It allows users to chat with their contacts without any additional charges. Moreover, it allows sharing the rich messages in the form of image, audio and even video. This makes it ahead of its competitors. As per the survey result, there are almost 6 billion people around the globe who are using the WhatsApp in their daily lives. Don’t you think it is very big audience? More important question to be asked here is, don’t you think as a marketer or business owner, you must capture this mass audience in your favor?

You can reach this audience just by integrating the WhatsApp share button into your WordPress website. The specific reason for mentioning the WordPress website is that there are a few ready to install plugins which will allow you to add the WhatsApp share button on your WordPress website. If you are wondering why to add the WhatsApp sharing button in your website then here are the key points.

Mass Audience to Reach

As mentioned earlier, there are 6 billion WhatsApp users around the globe. Let’s be realistic. We cannot create reach about 6 billion, but even we get succeeded in reaching at least 10% or in worst case 1% of these people then also don’t you think it is a big number?

Improve Content Sharing

Unlike any other social network, sharing content on WhatsApp is very easy. How? Well, when someone will share your website or blog content from your domain, he won’t need to explicitly login into that network as WhatsApp is directly synced with the contacts and never ends the session or logout the user. Due to ease of sharing, people are more likely to share it with their WhatsApp contacts and groups.

Improve Loyal Reader Base and Engagement

The WhatsApp is a very personalized app and the content got shared on WhatsApp is with the private contacts. Thus, it will reach the right audience and will get the loyal readers as they must be targeted audience in 91% of cases. This targeted audience will engage with your content by one way or another to gain you more benefits.

The WhatsApp share button work like any other social icon (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) so it comes with only benefits and no side effects. If you want to integrate in your website, it’s very simple

Non WordPress based site:

What will you do if your site is not build in WordPress? No matter, you can also use this features if your site build in another platform; just use WhatsApp sharing button general tool to generate a code and add it to your site or blog.


How to Add WhatsApp Share Button in WordPress Blog!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Shivam

    August 23, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    Wow, That’s really great info, As a word-press Developer this blog would really work for me.

    Thanks for sharing such a nice thing.

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