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A Marketer’s Handbook for successful Influencer Marketing Execution

What did you buy most recently? Did your friends tell you about it? Or did you Google it to check what other people are saying about it?

Before we spend our money on anything we’re thinking of purchasing, we look for some kind of social proof – essentially, assurance about its quality and user experience. That is exactly why influencer marketing is so popular today. It’s social proof from subject matter experts.

Popularity of Influencer Marketing

According to Twitter research, 49% of people look for influencer recommendations when making a purchase. In fact, the same study reveals that 40% of Twitter users purchased an item after reading an influencer’s Tweet.

 In the past, people used to search media outlets and reviews to find product recommendations. But nowadays, people turn to influencers who have a decent following and who are experts in their niche, for such recommendations.

The popularity of influencer marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. During the last 2 years, the search volume for “influencer marketing” has grown by 400%. Businesses, both large and small, have realized the importance of building relationships with influencers.

Influencers help brands create great content, earn customer trust and credibility, and gain wide exposure through their networks.

Key Influencer Marketing Strategies

Marketers employ various strategies to connect and collaborate with influencers to successfully manage their marketing campaigns. Some of them are:

1. Brand Mentions

When an influencer mentions a brand on social media, it reaches far and wide and builds brand awareness. Brand campaigns on social media can push you into the spotlight through meaningful conversations about your brand. They help build customer’s perception about your brand.

2. Product Discounts

When influencers post images on social media promoting a product, customers are curious to know more about the brand their influencers are using. They are even more inspired to go to their website when such influencers share discount codes or unique coupons for the product. Brands should definitely use this strategy to promote their new product launches.

3. Takeovers

This is another popular influencer marketing strategy being used by many brands today. Essentially, an influencer is given access to a brand’s social media account for a certain period of time. And they are asked to post content on behalf of the brand during that time.

 This is a great strategy as you get to grab more eyeballs and potentially gain more followers.

There are many other effective strategies that you could use as a marketer.

Check out the below gifographic for some more inspiration.

 10 Influencer Marketing Strategies You Should Knows

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Brandon Brown is the CEO of Grin, an influencer marketing software solution for brands. Grin’s software helps customers identify, recruit & activate the world’s most engaging influencers. Prior to Grin, he was led marketing for the #1 energy drink market in the world, Los Angeles & Orange County, at Red Bull North America.

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